June 1, 2023

GoZero Mile An Affordable Electric Mountain Bike From GoZero Mobility

GoZero Mobility is a British electric bike maker and has established the operations base in Kolkata to grab the Indian market. The company has recently launched an affordable electric mountain bike the GoZeoro Mile. The bike is built for performance and perfect for both On-Road rides and daily commute.

Design And Build Quality:

The GoZero Mile is a non – geared electric mountain bike that is specially designed for off-roading and daily commute. The bike has a very simple design but its black and orange color coating makes it look really attractive. To make the bike tough and sturdy it comes with a mild steel frame.


GoZero Mile comes with a 250w noiseless BLDC rear hub motor which can generate a maximum 32Nm torque for a good pulling power. The motor can also produce a maximum of 25kmph speed as per Govt. rule. The motor has waterproof cables which add an extra layer to the product safety.

Battery And Mileage:

The bike is powered by a 36v/8.3Ah LG’s Li-ion battery. The battery pack has high quality 18650 3C cells with more than 800 charging cycles. The battery is portable making it easy to carry and charge anywhere. The battery takes around 3.5 hours to charge fully and on a single charge it gives you up to 40km of range.


GoZero Mile comes with 26″ extra grip nylon tires and double-wall alloy rims which is coated with orange color to makes it look elegant and attractive.

Suspension And Brakes:

For the suspension, the bike uses an Orbishox’s 100mm front fork suspension which is not only good on a plain road but can bear with the most of the jerk while riding it on a rough road.

The bike comes with JAK dual electric disc brakes which has auto power cut-off feature, that means as soon as you brake it stops sending the power to the motor and saves extra juice for your next ride.

Pedal Assist System:

GoZero Mile has 3 levels of Pedal Assist which can be controlled from an LED display that is mounted on the handlebar. In the crank, there are 12 magnets PAS Sensor is installed for better assistance. The higher the PAS Level, higher the assistance you will get from the motor.

Price And Availability:

The maximum retail price of the bike is ₹29999, but due to the festive season company dropped down its price to ₹25,999 only, which you can buy it from the company’s official website or from Amazon India.

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