May 30, 2023

29 Motors T9, India’s First Electric Mountain Bike Launched

Indian electric bicycle manufacturer 29 Motors has introduced India’s first electric mountain bike the T9. 29 Motors is basically known for its unique design and the same thing can be seen in the T9 with powerful performance and amazing features. So let’s see what else we will get with T9.

Design And Build Quality:

T9 is India’s first electric mountain bike, which especially designed for off-roading. As for the appearance, so it doesn’t look like a normal MTB, as it has a unique design which makes this e-bike looks different from others, and this is the specialty of the company.

The frame is made of high carbon steel, which gives it solid build quality. But the bike is quite heavy at about 25kg including all the electronics equipments. Well, the stem and the handlebar are made of alloy.

T9 comes with an ergonomically designed and adjustable European standard saddle, which is quite a comfort while riding.

Electronics Parts:

The T9 runs on a powerful 350/500w rear hub motor with a maximum speed of 40kmph. But due to restriction by RTI and also for the safety reasons company electronically locked the speed at only 25kmph. Although, if you wish you can tune it at 40kmph, but for this, the company will not take any responsibility. So it’s totally up to you whether you want to ride it at 40kmph or just 25kmph.

Well, the T9 is powered by a 48v/13Ah Lithium-ion battery which is quite durable and with about 800 of life cycles this will last about 4 to 5 years. The good thing is, it is a removable battery, which means you can remove the battery from the bike and directly take it to the power source for charging. The battery takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge fully and on a single charge, you can ride the bike up to 80km.

There is a custom build powerful headlight in the front, which has a good visibility range and even the intensity of the light is more than a motorbike has.

Mechanical Parts:

T9 is a Shimano’s 7 speed geared MTB and which shifting is quite responsive and quick as well. To not to feel jerky during riding the bike, the T9 comes with a 75mm mono suspension, and which is specially designed by Endurance.

The bike comes with a 26″ of wheel dimension, and which rims are crafted by double-wall alloy. The T9 equipped with extra-wide microoctave tires for better gripping on any road condition, as it is specialized for MTB only.

For the braking, the T9 comes with 160mm of dual disc brakes, which ensures great braking control over Indian road condition. To be mentioned, that all the electronic parts of the bike are IP65 rated, that means you can enjoy riding even in a rainy season.

Additionally, on the handlebar, you can see a digital speedometer, thumb throttle, an invisible bell, and a key switch to turn on/off the motor.

Price And Availability:

As for the pricing, the company has launched the e-bike, in 4 models with 4 different prices based on gears, headlights, motor and battery power, and which pricing details are as follow:

  • T9 36v/350w : ₹37,000/- ( No gear + no headlight )
  • T9 + 36v/350w : ₹39,000/- ( gears + headlight )
  • T9 48v/500w : ₹45,000/- ( No gear + headlight )
  • T9 pro 48v/500w : ₹49,000/- ( gear + headlight )

Along with this bike, the company has also introduced an Army Edition of the e-bike with 48v battery and a 500w powerful motor to dedicates the Indian Army, and currently, it’s cost ₹49,999 and if you belong to Indian Army then you will get a special discount at the time of purchase this edition.

So if you want to purchase the e-bike then pre-booking has already been started and can be booked through the company’s website or you can directly contact the owner from below details:

Contact :
Vivek Panchal: 9029064547
Dhiren Panchal: 7715887016
Mail us: [email protected] or

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