May 30, 2023

ULTRABIKES – DAZZLE, A Foldable Electric Fatbike Launched, Price, Features

ULTRABIKES – DAZZLE: Ultrabikes has finally introduced its first foldable electric fat bike the DAZZLE. DAZZLE can be easily folded from the center and turns into a compact size. The fat bike comes with a powerful 350w BLDC motor and a bigger battery pack. But the motor and the battery are not the only things the bike comes with, there are many more surprising features the bike is loaded with. So let’s jump into its features and specs with the price they are offering.

Design And Build Quality:

DAZZLE is an electric fat bike that comes with a foldable frame design. The bike can be easily folded from the center and the handlebar also can be folded to make it compact in size. So traveling with this bike will be much easier. The design of the bike is quite ergonomic, whether the battery placement, its carrier, or the handlebar, everything justified the look of the bike. The height of the seat post and the handlebar is adjustable, so if you are 5 feet or 6 feet doesn’t matter, you can easily adjust the bike as per your height and enjoy the ride. As far as build quality is concerned, the bike comes with a 16″ frame that is made of a lighter form of carbon steel. The frame is quite sturdy and light in nature. As per the company’s claim, the bike weighs 25kg with a loading capacity of up to 150kg.

Motor And The Speed:

One of the key features of the bike is its powerful motor. Generally, fat bikes are heavier than normal mtb and they do not produce desired speed on paved roads. But as the DAZZLE is an electric fat bike and comes with a powerful 350w BLDC rear hub motor, so you won’t experience this problem. The motor is capable of generating up to 48nm torque which means it has good pickup power despite being heavy. So incline ride won’t be a problem with it. Even, though the speed of the bike is very much decent, on average it gives you around 30kmph of speed.

Battery And Its Range:

The DAZZLE is powered by a 36v/15Ah detachable Lithium Ion battery pack, and it is mounted under the seat post. Although the placement of the battery is good, removing the battery may feel inconvenient. Because, to remove the battery, first you need to completely remove the seat post, so this is a part of the design and needs to be compromised. The battery is efficient and comes with up to 1000 charging cycles. But as it’s an electric fat bike, so range will be less compared to a normal electric cycle. As per the company’s claim, the bike gives you 40km of riding range on throttle mode. Whereas, on pedal assist mode, this bike can go around 60km. Well for charging, the company provides 3A fast charger with this bike.

Pedal Assist And Riding Mode:

The bike has 5 levels and 12 magnets pedal assists sensors, and the same can be controlled by a multi-function LCD display. You can also access the walk mode at 6kmph speed, and cruise mode at 30kmph+ speed on this DAZZLE foldable electric fat bike.

Wheels And Suspension:

The bike comes with 20″ x 4″ fat nylon tires, and these are well-treaded and all – terrains tires that give better friction on roads and perform well, especially on mud, snow, and sand. There is a front fork suspension that has a travel of 100mm. The travel of suspension is good for bumpy roads and potholes.

Gear System And Brakes:

The DAZZLE is a multi-speed foldable electric fat bike that comes with a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear system. Well for the shifter, the company is claiming that they are giving the original TX50 SIS shifter with this bike. So the shifting will be much better on this bike. The braking system comes with 160mm made-in-India dual mechanical disc brakes and also has an auto safety cut-off feature on both brakes, which means when applying the brakes, it cuts off the motor from surging ahead. Even these brakes are integrated with a taillight that is battery-operated. So when applying the brakes, the taillight gets lights up and warns the driver behind to be cautious of slowing the bike. It also has turn indicator lights that are integrated into the taillight itself.

Additionally, the bike comes with an LED headlight, an electric horn, a pair of metal mudguards, and an ignition key for basic security purposes. The ignition key is integrated with the battery, which means with a single key, you can start the bike and lock/unlock the battery as well.


As of 28th November 2022, the price of the Dazzle is ₹48000/-

Buying details: Contact Number: +91 8238212833/+91 9023793431 Email: [email protected] Website: Location: Gf-61, Wings Complex, Makarpura, Vadodara Gujarat


With Dazzle you will get 18 months of warranty on the battery, and 12 months on the motor, controller, charger, and the rest of the electric components. Also, there are 2 years of warranty on the frame as well.


So based on specs – features, and design, definitely Dazzle is a great-looking foldable electric fat bike. Because at 48k you are getting a bigger 15Ah portable battery pack, powerful 350w BLDC motor, 7-speed original Shimano Tourney gear system, 100mm suspension, brake integrated taillight, turn indicators, and with ignition key, almost all the essential features on this foldable electric fat bike. But in my opinion, instead of a 3A charger, a 5A fast charger should be provided. Otherwise, if the bike stands out on the company’s claim, then definitely it is worth buying.

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