May 30, 2023

X-Bike A Powerful Unisex Electric Bike By 29 Motors

X-Bike is 29 motors’ first unisex electric mountain bike. Due to the unique step-through design, this bike is ideal for everyone whether it is kids, men or women, everyone can ride this bike comfortably. But the main highlighted feature of the bike is, unlike previous models this bike comes with Lithium Phosphate battery which gives you 4 times more battery life than a Lithium – iOn battery. So without further ado, let me explain all the features in detail.

Design And Build Quality:

29 Motors is particularly known for its unique design and the same thing you will get to see with X-Bike which unique step-through design is not only makes the bike look different but a unisex ebike too. The chassis of the bike is made of mild carbon steel which is quite tough and anti-dust and similar to aluminum in terms of weight.

The total weight of the bike is around 20 to 22kg while the the total load capacity is 125Kg.


In order to give electrical motion to the X-bike, it has a 250-watt BLDC rear hub motor installed and which is a 36v motor that generates a maximum 32nm torque. To reach the maximum speed it takes just 4 to 5 seconds. Talking about speed, this bike goes as fast as 25kmph. However, the speed can be increased easily with the help of pedal assist, but the sad thing is the PAS feature is not included with the bike. So you need to purchase it separately for ₹2000.


Unlike previous models of the company X-bike is powered by a 36 volt and 12Ah of lithium iron phosphate battery. The company has designed and developed the battery by itself, they have made it an explosion and fire-proof by giving first priority to the safety. The battery comes with advanced BMS technology and gives 8 types of protection. The special thing about the battery is that it runs 4 times more than a lithium-ion battery because it comes with 3000 life cycles. So that the battery will last for about 5 to 7 years.

Battery Replacement Cost For Each Ah:

  • 12Ah Battery: ₹12000
  • 6Ah Battery: ₹6000

Riding Range:

The battery gets juiced up in just 3 hours via a 3Amp charger and on a single charge, this bike will give you up to 50km of riding range on throttle mode. However, on pedal assist mode this bike will go as long as 70km.

Whereas, with 6Ah battery, this bike will give you up to 20km of riding range on throttle mode, and on assist mode, you can go up to 30km.


The bike has 26″ wheels with 2.17″ extra grip micro-octane tires by Ralson and backed by double walled alloy rims. these are good in quality and perform well on Indian roads.


X-Bike is the only electric bike in the market in this price segment, which comes with a dual suspension system. Including front suspension, there is a mono suspension at the rear. So off-roading will be more fun with this bike.

Gears And Brakes:

X-Bike comes with 6 speed Shimano gears, and for the brakes, it has 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes which are quite fast in responsive.

Additionally, you will get an LED display to check battery status and PAS control, and there is an invisible bell also can be seen in the bike which looks really cool.


As for the pricing, the company has launched the e-bike, in 2 models with 4 different prices based on gears and battery power, and which pricing details are as follow:

  • X-Kids -6Ah Verrient: ₹32,000/- (Without Gear)
  • X-Kids -6Ah Verrient: ₹37,000/- (With Gear)
  • X-Bike Pro -12Ah Verrient: ₹42,000/- (Without Gear)
  • X-Bike Pro -12Ah Verrient: ₹47,000/- (With Gear)


So on the paper, the bike looks promising to me. The powerful battery and a decent riding range on throttle mode are impressive. But still few drawbacks are there, like headlight, PAS sensors and mudguards should be included with the bike considering the price point. Otherwise. if we ignore these loopholes, this bike won’t make you disappoint.

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