May 30, 2023

TRIAD E7 – A New Electric Bicycle With Semi-integrated battery Launched. Features, Price

Triad Cycle has finally launched its first premium electric bicycle the Triad E7. Triad is an online exclusive brand that is operated by Transworld Cycle Pvt. Ltd. With this new E7, the company has introduced a new sleek and sporty frame design with a semi-integrated battery. So let’s take a deep look at what the new E7 provides to its customers.

Design And Build Quality:

The main highlighted feature of the bike is its appearance. Unlike other Triad bikes, the new E7 comes with a sleek and sporty frame design with a semi-integrated detachable battery, and due to its sleek ergonomic design, it looks premium and elegant. The best part is it doesn’t look like an electric bicycle at a first glance but yet looks stunning and stylish. The bike has a 18″ frame made of 6061 aluminum alloy. The frame is sturdy and light in nature. It weighs around 20 – 21kg with a loading capacity of up to 90kg.

Motor And Its Torque:

The new C8i comes with the same 36v/250w BLDC rear hub motor as its predecessor. The motor is capable of generating up to 40nm of torque. The top speed of the bike is 25kmph as per government regulation.

Battery And Its Range:

The new E7 is powered by a frame integrated 1046Ah detachable battery pack. With a 2A standard charger, the battery takes 4-6 hours to charge. The company claimed that you can ride this bike around 40km – 45km on throttle mode. Whereas, on Pedal-assist mode this will give you a range of 50km – 60km.

PAS And Riding Modes:

E7 comes with 12 magnets PAS and has 3 levels of assistance that can be controlled with an analog LED display. As for the riding modes, it has a total of 4 modes including throttle, pedelec, manual, and walk mode. On the Pedelec mode, you will get a maximum of 80-90% assistance from the motor.

Wheels And Suspension:

Triad E7 is equipped with 27.5″ wheels and combined with 2.1″ MTB tires by Ralson. The tires are good in quality, and suitable for off-roading purposes. The bike comes with a front fork suspension that has a travel of 80mm, and for city commuting, 80mm travel is not bad though, this ensures jerks free riding experience somewhat.

Gears And Brakes:

E7 is a 7-speed geared electric cycle that comes with a Tourney rear derailleur. The shifting of gears on this bike is decent in quality. The bike comes with 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes by Logan with electric cut-off sensors. The stopping power of Logan brakes is great and performs well even on wet surfaces.

Additional Features:

Additionally, the bike comes with a headlight, taillight, and a heavy-duty side kickstand, but sadly instead of an electric horn, it is equipped with a tring bell. It is also equipped with an ignition lock for security, which means without the key no one can start the bike in your absence.

Price And Availabilty:

Triad E7is priced at ₹54127, but currently, the company is giving 15% introductory off i.e. ₹8000 for a limited period of time. The offer can be availed on the company’s e-commerce partner website at ChooseMyBicycle.

Verdict, The Final Thoughts:

The specs and features of the new Triad E7 are quite impressive, and the new sleek and sporty frame design with a semi-integrated detachable battery is top-notch. Even though it is comparatively lighter and stronger, it has the great build quality and comes with a 7-speed gear system, and an ignition security system. But still, you need to compromise with a few features if you consider the new E7. Considering the price range, an electric horn, a multi-function LCD display with a cruise mode and 5 levels of pedal assist instead of 3 levels should be there on the bike. So these are the things you may need to compromise with, otherwise, for city commuting, fun riding, or for office goers this can be an ideal choice to consider especially if you are looking for a frame-integrated electric bike.

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