June 1, 2023

Toroid Technologies Launched Its First Electric Bike Which Cost Only 4 Paisa For Per Kilometer

Toroid Technologies, India’s another startup for electric bikes has finally launched its first electric bike the Toroid. The bike comes with not only high speed and range but riding this bike is very affordable when it is compared to a petrol bike. The bike costs only 4 Paisa for a kilometer to ride.

Design And Build Quality:

If you look at the appearance, the bike looks very normal as a standard bike. Because the bike comes with a very minimal design, but it has a very good build quality. The bike’s frame is made of aluminum which makes the overall structure very sturdy and tough.


To give the electric motion to the bike, the company uses a 250w BLDC rear hub motor for the bike. The minimum speed generates by the motor is 25kmph, but if you use pedal assist you can easily reach up to 35km speed per hour.

Battery & Its Range:

Toroid is powered by a removable 36v/7.8Ah Lithium-ion battery. The battery is designed in this way so that it looks like a bottle and can be placed at the bottle holder like a bottle to not to be looked odd. Even the battery is durable too as it comes with about 1000 life cycles, which means the battery easily lasts for 2 to 3 years.

For the charging, the battery takes about 3 to 4 hours, and on a single charge, it gives you up to 55km of range with pedal assist mode. Whereas on the electric-only mode you will get only 35km of range. Other than the 3 levels of pedal-assist mode and electric mode, the bike also comes with a normal cycling mode for those who want to be fit on a cycle.

Gears & Brakes:

The ebike uses a 24 speed of Shimano gears and shifters. As for the braking, the bike uses dual electric disc brakes with auto power cut off functionality.

Wheels And Suspensions:

Toroid ebike comes with 26″ wheels and double-wall alloy rims and for the suspension, it uses an adjustable front fork suspension for a jerky free ride.

Other features:

Additionally, the bike comes with a remote key, which you can use to turn on/off the bike. The bike also has a digital speedometer on the handlebar which shows the battery status and as well as the speed of the bike. To enjoy the ride at night it has a headlamp at the front, while for honking company also provides a horn with the bike. Moreover, this ebike also has a burglar alarm, so when someone tries to do something with it, it starts alarming.

All the electronic parts of the bike are waterproof, which means you can enjoy riding the bike even in the rainy season.


The company has launched the bike with a price tag of ₹35000 and the same can be purchased from the company’s official website and as well as from the authorized dealer. Even if you wish to buy the bike on EMI , so this can also be possible via ZestMoney.

The bike comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty from the date you have purchased, and after purchasing the bike if you have faced any issue with the bike then they will come to your doorstep to fix it.

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