May 30, 2023

Tezlaa Alpha 1 and Alpha 1 Pro Electric Bike, India’s First Foldable Electric Bike Launched With 100km Range

Tezlaa Alpha 1 and Alpha 1 Pro: Tezlaa, a Kerala based electric bicycle manufacturer has launched India’s first foldable electric bicycle the Alpha 1 and Alpha 1 Pro with mag wheels. The bike is basically known for its performance, quality, and its foldable property, but even it comes with some more exciting features which we will see in this article.

Tezlaa electric bike

Design And Build Quality:

Tezlaa electric bike comes with very minimalistic design and doesn’t look bulky at all. Well, the overall appearance is similar to Svitch electric fat bike, the only difference can be seen is the Tezlaa bike doesn’t come with fat tires. The bike has 17″ frame size and which is made of 6061 aluminium alloy which is stronger, sturdy, rustproof, and even lightweight too.


The feature will grab your attention more is its foldable property. The bike can be folded from the center and made it very compact and portable. So traveling with the bike will be more convenient, no matter where are you going just fold it – take it and go.


Tezlaa electric bike comes with a 250w BLDC hub motor, which is able to deliver a maximum 40kmph of speed that is more than enough for a bicycle.

Modes Of Operation:

The bike can be ridden in 3 ways and which includes:

Manual Mode: This mode will allow you to ride this bike like a normal bicycle. So if you want to ride the bike for your fitness purpose then you can switch to this mode, because this mode needs 100% human efforts.

Electric Mode: If you feel tired and don’t want to pedal then you can choose the electric mode for effortless riding experience. So if you tune electric mode and ride the bike at 40kmph of speed then it will feel like you are riding a scooter.

Assist Mode: The bike comes with 5 levels of pedal assist which will provide you an extra assistance from the motor with less human effort.


The bike is powered by a massive 36v and 10Ah of a lithium-ion battery of Panasonic which is located inside the mid-frame. This is a highly-efficient 18650 series battery made in Japan. This type of battery is mostly used in electric cars. Even it comes with an advance BMS technology with 8 types of protection, such as – Pre-discharge, Equalization, Over-charge protection, Over-discharge protection, Over -current protection, Sort-circuit protection, Temperature protection, and disconnection protection, and this is why this bike is called as India’s best lithium-ion battery-powered electric bike.

Charging Time And Riding Range:

The battery is a removable one and gets charged in just 4 hours and per charge, it gives you up to 100km of riding range. Even riding the bike is quite affordable, because, for just 2 hours of charging it consumes only 1.7 units of electricity which is cost not more than ₹2/-. That means, for 4 hours of charging, it cost around ₹4/- for a 100km of a ride.

Gears And Brakes:

The Tezlaa bike comes with 21 speed of Shimano gears system and dual mechanical disc brakes with auto power cut-off feature. The brakes are made of aliminium alloy and designed for Indian roads.


The bike comes with 26″ mag wheels, which will not only boost the performance but improve overall stability. Because alloy wheels are most stable than the spokes one.


For the suspension, it comes with a dual suspension system, where in the front, you can see a 26″ mechanical suspension made of aluminium alloy, while at the rear, there is a small shock absorber to makes your riding experience more pleasant and jerk free.

Other Features:

Additionally, the bike has a D-019 LED headlight which comes with an adjustable feature that means you can adjust the light beam as per your need. Besides, the bike has a twist throttle, mobile holder and a speedometer to monitor the battery status, speed and the distance you have covered. Even you can choose between different pedal assist with this.

Price and Availability:

Base on riding range it comes with two models – the Alpha 1 and Alpha 1 Pro, where Alpha 1 is priced at ₹54500/- and which gives you 50km of range, while the Alpha 1 pro will cost ₹74500/- with 100km of riding range. For availability, so this bike can be bought from the company’s official website.

As this is a high-cost bike, so for your convenient the company provides an easy no-cost EMI option which is available for 3,6,12,18, and 24 months.

The good thing is the company is providing free mudguards and carrier with the bike. Even you will get 5 years of free service with the bike. That means after purchasing the bike if anything goes wrong then the company personnel will come to your doorstep to fix the bike.

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