May 30, 2023

Spero e100 A Self-Charging Electric Bike Which Promises To Deliver 100km Of Range

Spero e100 is a self-charging electric bike which is made by Coimbatore based Milltex engineers. The company has launched a total of 3 electric bikes -e30, e60 and e100. Whereas Spero e100 model promises to deliver more than 100km of range. But the range is not only the key point it has some more impressive features which I’m going to share with you.

Design And Build Quality:

For me, the design of the bike is quite bulky due to its battery placements. But due to its vibrant color finish, the bike will definitely grab your attention. Even you have 3 color options for the frame to choose from which include black, orange and blue.

The frame is made of mild steel which is strong enough to bear with up to 100kg load capacity. Even the bike is as not heavy as it looks, the total weight of the bike is 24.7kg only which light.


As far as motor is concerned, the company uses handcrafted made in India 250w BLDC hub motor for the bike. The maximum speed produced by the motor is only 25kmph, and it takes only 10 seconds to reach this speed. Though it has only 25kmph of speed, but during the test ride, it was reached around 27 – 28kmph on the throttle mode, and on pedal assist mode the speed can boost more than 30kmph.

Battery And Range:

The motor gets its juice from a removable massive 48v/15Ah lithium-ion battery which is mounted in the mid-frame. The battery takes only 2-3 hours of time for 0-80% of the charge and on a single charge, the bike will give you an impressive 100km of mileage. Even if you wish you can maximize the default range by 40% if you are on a pedal-assist mode. That means with the help of pedal-assist you can easily achieve about 140km of mileage and for the pedal-assist, the bike comes with 5 levels of pedal-assist for effortless riding experience.


One of the main highlighted features of this bike is its self-charging property. Yes, you heard it right, while riding this bike whenever you pedal the battery started charging automatically in the background. That means your energy never goes in vain as SPERO comes up with a regeneration feature. You can charge the bike with minimal pedaling.

Cruise Control:

Cruise Mode is a unique feature present in the SPERO. When you travel at a constant speed for 6 seconds, cruise mode takes over so that you can ride like a king without pedaling and accelerating.

Gears And Brakes:

Unlike regular electric bikes in the market, this bike comes with a unique no confusing 5-speed digital gear system that cuts the noise and the vibration to offer a smooth and hassle-free ride. Even shifting gears is as easy as playing a game on a joystick.

Brakes are the most important safety feature of any vehicle.That’s why without compromising on safety the company used disc brakes for both the wheels.

Wheels and Suspension:

SPERO bikes come with a 26 x 1.95″ wide Kenda tires and as usual double-wall alloy rims. There is a telescopic suspension at the front which ensures a smooth and quality ride. Although there is no suspension at the rear but as the seat of the bike filled with a gel-like material, so on the bumpy roads it will work like a cushioning.

Other Features:

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of life. SPERO has a mobile charger to boost up your phone’s charge. Other than this the bike also comes with a bright LED headlight and a taillight. Other key accessories include: Helmet holder, Mobile holder, Pressure indicator will be provided with the bike.

Additionally, the Electric Control is toggled with the help of a Key, so that you could use the cycle either the conventional or the powered way.

Price And Availability:

On the basis of mileage, the company has launched the bike in 3 models with three different prices, which include SPERO e100, SPERO e60 and SPERO e30 whereas the base variant SPERO e30 is priced at ₹42900 and the mid-variant SPERO e60 is priced at ₹52900, while the pro one SPERO e100 is cost at ₹62900.

To buy these bikes you need to visit the company’s official website and contact them accordingly.

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