May 30, 2023

Roulik Inizio 2020 India’s Best Electric Mountain Bike For A Quality Ride

ROULIK Bikes is a Green energy company based in Kerala, India, founded in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers. The team is passionate about bikes and innovation, with the goal of providing a premium experience in the transportation sector. Which is why the company has finally introduced its first electric mountain bike the Roulik IniZio 37.0. The bike is basically known for its quality riding, whether it is the build quality or the multifunction features, this bike has almost everything. But really? Let’s find out.

Design And Build Quality:

Roulik Inizio 37.0 is an electric mountain bike that is built for off-roading. The bike has a very minimalistic design and to makes it look attractive company gives the bike a matte finish with black and green color combination.

For a good build quality, the bike comes with a 26″ 6061 aluminium alloy frame and due to aluminium frame the bike is quite light in weight at about 19kg only and can bear with up to 100kg load capacity.


The bike gets the motion from a 250w BLDC rear hub motor and which can generate up to 30nm of torque power for a good pulling power. The motor is able to produce a maximum of 25kmph speed which is powerful enough to climb almost all steeps.

Battery And Mileage:

The ebike is powered by a massive 36v/13Ah removable Lithium-ion battery which is mounted in the lower frame of the bike. The maximum charging time of the battery is about 5 hours and on a single charge, the bike can go up to 50km on throttle mode, while on PAS mode the bike gives you a maximum 70km of riding range.

Modes Of Operation:

The bike comes with several modes of operations which includes-

  • Cruise Control: Helps the rider to move at a steady speed without applying throttle or pedal.
  • Walk Assist: It is designed to allow the motor to push the bike along while you walk beside it. Like if you want to go upstairs then you don’t need to use your manpower to pull the bike, because on walk mode the bike itself runs along with you.
  • Pedal Assist: There are 5 levels of pedal assist in the bike which will assist you while pedalling, so less effort you need to ride the bike by pedals.
  • Throttle Mode: The bike comes with a twist throttle which helps you to ride the bike effortlessly just like a normal scooter.

Multifunction LCD Display:

3.4″ Display shows various parameters like Real-time speed, Average speed, Trip distance, Total distance, Battery level, Motor temperature, Motor power, Time of travel, etc. The display also controls various features like Cruise control, Walk assist, Pedal assist, Digital lock, etc.

Gears And Brakes:

Roulik Inizio 37.0 comes with a 21 speed Shimano gears system, and for the front and rear derailleur the bike uses respectively Shimano TZ30 and Shimano TZ50, while for the shifting the bike comes with a Shimano EF500 series shifters which is one of the best shifters for a mountain bike.

For the braking system, the company uses dual electric disc brakes for the bike which comes with an auto power cut-off feature.

Wheels And Suspension:

The overall dimension of the wheels is 26″ which combined with MTB specialized Kenda tires. The rims are double-wall alloy rims coated with a black matte colour.

The bike has a 100mm front fork mechanical suspension which gives you a smooth and quality ride even on a rough road.

Other Features:

Roulik Inizio 37.0 comes with a lot of safety features and accessories, which includes a helmet, mudguard, 4 pin wire lock and an LED headlights and a reflector to ensure a safe ride at night.

Price And Availability:

As for the pricing, the company has launched the e-bike, in 3 different variants as per battery capacity, which pricing details are as follow:

  • 7.8Ah with 3A Charger: ₹39,990/- ( Get 50km Range )
  • 10.4Ah with 3A Charger: ₹43,490/- ( Get 60km Range )
  • 13Ah with 3A Charger: ₹46,990/- ( Get 70km Range )

The bike is currently available in India and can be bought through the company’s official website or Amazon India.

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