May 30, 2023

Qubit A 100km Range Foldable Electric Cycle Launched By Coppernicus

Qubit is an all-new electric cycle by Coppernicus. Qubit is a stylish-looking premium electric cycle that comes with an invisible portable battery. The bike is very compact and portable in nature and wherever you go, you can easily carry the bike with you. But what else it offers? let’s find out.

Design And Build Quality:

Qubit is a minimal but stylish-looking foldable electric cycle which frame is precisely designed. The main highlighted feature of the bike is its foldable property. The bike can be easily folded in three easy steps, and once folded, it becomes very compact so that you can easily carry the bike with you. Although it is compact in nature but it can comfortably accommodate a rider with a height ranging from 150 – 195cm— (5’ to 6’3”), weighing up to 100 kgs. The bike is available in a variety of color options such as Pearl white, Midnight black, Moonshine grey, Tuscan yellow, Sunrise orange, and Radical red.

The heat-treated, anti-corrosive, 6061 Aluminium frame, makes this electric bicycle both highly durable and one of the lightest e-bikes in its class. The bike comes in two models X1 and X2 and they both have the same frame material. But there is a difference in the weight department. The X1 weighs only 15.7kg whereas the X2 weighs 18.6kg.

Motor And Its Torque:

Qubit X2 runs on a 36v and 250w BLDC rear hub motor, whereas the X1 comes with a front hub motor. The customized 250W high speed, geared, brushless motor, weighs only 2.2kgs but has a 40Nm torque so you can uphill over 18°. What’s more? It comes with a built-in clutch. This means you will not feel any magnetic resistance while riding, even without electric assistance. The top speed of the bike is 25kmph, but this can be boosted with the help of pedal assist.

Battery And Its Range:

Qubit is powered by an invisible portable lithium-ion battery, and why invisible? Because the seat post itself is a battery pack. The company has managed to install the battery inside the seat post and because of this unique ergonomic design, at first glance, you won’t recognize that the Qubit is an e-bike. As the battery is portable, you can carry the bike everywhere and charge it anywhere.

The bike comes with two default battery options, 5.8Ah and 6.36Ah(Panasonic). But you can extend the default battery capacity by adding on an extra 11.6Ah battery pack. These batteries come with an 800 – 2000 charging cycle, and their replacement cost will be ₹.8990 for 5.8Ah, ₹.12400 for 6.36Ah, and ₹.19999 for 11.6Ah.

There is a 2A charger provided with the bike that charges these batteries in 3 to 4 hours. Once the battery gets charged fully then per charge as per battery capacity, the bike is able to go up to

  • 16-20km on Throttle Mode (with 5.8Ah Battery)
  • 25-30km on PAS Mode (with 5.8Ah Battery)
  • 20-25km on Throttle Mode (with 6.36Ah Battery)
  • 30-35km on PAS Mode (with 6.36Ah Battery)

But if you use an extra 11.6Ah battery extender with the existing default battery then you can go more than 100km on a single charge. But this will cost an extra .19999.

Please note, the actual range may vary for every individual due to body weight, road condition, level of assistance, and acceleration.

PAS And Riding Modes:

The bike is equipped with 12 magnets sensors and has 5 levels of assistance and the same can be configured with a multifunction fully integrated large LCD display that features a 12 point sensor and “FOC” technology. With FOC, you can control and drive high-efficiency motors with minimum noise. It also operates in sync with the PAS “Pedal Assist System”. The bike also comes with a cruise mode that maintains the desired speed without pedaling, and a walk mode with up to 6kmph of speed.

Wheels And Suspension:

The X1 and X2 have a wheel size of respectively 16″ and 20″ and both are equipped with a pair of 2.125″ Nylon wide tires. The tires are heavily treaded and can tackle any kind of terrain easily. There is no suspension on any of its models. Both the models come with rigid forks. Although on flat roads, it is easy and comfortable to ride you will feel jerks while riding on rough roads.

Gears And Brakes:

The X1 is a single-speed ebike, but the X2 comes with a 7 speed Shimano Tourney gears system, and that helps to ride the bike easily with less effort even in case of power loss. It is easy to operate and provides good performance and speed, keeping you in control at all times.

The Qubit features 160mm Front and Rear disc brakes with an electric cut-off sensor that means when the brakes are engaged, it triggers a safety mechanism that disengages the motor and shuts down the power system. Besides, the top-quality Shimano Braking system provides efficient braking control, so you no longer have to worry about sudden stops.

Additional Features:

Additionally, the bike is equipped with a LED headlight, reflector, and tool kit. But if you wish you can buy a front basket or a rear rack or cargo bags with extra charges.

Price And Availability:

Based on battery capacity and pro features the price details are as follow for each model

  • X1(5.8Ah): ₹.52490/-
  • X1+(6.36Ah): ₹. 57990/-
  • X2(5.8Ah): ₹.69990/-
  • X2+(6.36Ah): ₹.75490/-

The bike can be purchased from the company’s website on or you can even call or send WhatsApp messages for the same on +91 98446 20303

Warranty And Return Policy:

By purchasing the Qubit, you will get 1 year of warranty, but this can be extended to another 1 year with an additional charge. Once purchased the bike, the product will be no return. But in the case of a manufacturing defect, you can replace it in 14 days of purchase.


The Qubit is designed to be compact and convenient and can be effortlessly folded in 3 easy steps. It builds with durable components, and offers unparalleled style and build quality. It boasts an invisible battery that is aesthetically integrated on the seat post makes it look premium. You can even take this folding e-bike with you anywhere, anytime. You can carry it on public transport, in the boot of your car or tuck it under your office desk. It’s super light (starting at 15.5 kgs) making it easy to carry, even on stairs!

But still being a premium ebike it lacks a security system, though you can carry it with you all the time, but a security system in a premium bike is needed. Also, it has no smart connectivity features, in a premium bike smart feature is expected. Apart from these, both the models have no suspension system, so you can’t do off-roading with this bike, it feels jerks while doing so. So if you want a bike for hardcore use then this will make you disappoint, but if you want a bike for city commuting and for office purposes then it is the perfect choice for both work and play.

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