May 30, 2023

PURE EV ETrance A No Traffic Challan Electric Moped. Price, Features, And Availability

PURE EV ETrance is India’s first unisex electric mobike which is ideal for men, women, teenagers, and last-mile logistics. The good thing about the bike is to ride this bike you don’t need any registration or any license. The bike is designed for urban mobility and comes with quick pickup for zipping through the traffic.

Design And Build Quality:

If you look at its appearance, it reminds you of the Luna, although it is quite different in terms of look. The moped is basically a fusion of a bicycle and an electric scooter, and this makes the bike different from other mopeds in the market. Even the bike comes with an extra seat space, that means a pillion ride can be possible with the Etrance.

The chassis is made of alloy which not only makes the bike look premium but reduces the body weight somehow. The total weight of the bike is only 49kgs which is a bit light compared to other electric scooters in the market. The bike is able to bear the load with up to 120Kgs.

Motor And Its Speed:

The bike runs on a 48v/250w BLDC motor and it generates up to 60nm of torque. The higher the torque more the pulling power and that is why the bike takes only 4 seconds to reach 25kmph of speed. The maximum speed of the bike is 35kmph.

Modes Of Ride:

There are 3 different modes in the bike to ride with, which includes the Eco mode, Power mode, and Sports mode. In the eco mode, you can ride the bike at the maximum speed of 25kmph, whereas in the power mode this will give you a maximum of 30kmph of speed, while in the sports mode this bike can be ridden at a maximum speed of 35kmph.

Battery And Its Range:

Etrance is powered by a 48v/1000kw(20Ah) of Lithium-ion battery. The battery is a portable one, so it can be charged anywhere at your convenience and is installed beneath the seat post. The battery takes around 3 hours to juice up, and on a single charge it can give you a riding range up to 80km. Although at the time of testing the bike we have recorded 60km range on throttle mode. But the good thing is the bike comes with a pedaling option, so in case of power loss you can use the pedals to reach your destination. Additionally, there are 5 levels of pedal assist can be seen in the bike.

Wheels, Suspension, And Brakes:

The moped comes with an 18″ of mag wheels and combined with 2.5″ wide tires. The bike has dual shock absorber at the front and rear which together provide an excellent and smooth riding experience. For the brakes, the bike comes with dual drum brakes at the front and rear, and which are really good at stopping the bike in busy traffic.

Additionally, the bike comes with 2 RVM mirrors, LCD Display with LED indicators, front and rear left/right indicator, under-seat storage, and a LED headlamp.

Price And Availability:

Etrance is launched at ₹52000 pricing tag and the same can be purchased from Amazon India or from the company’s official website.

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