May 30, 2023

NXT Motors Launched RENARD, New Electric Bicycle Brand In India, Price And Features

NXT Motors a Mumbai-based out start-up has introduced its first electric cycle the RENARD. There are so many electric cycles in India and almost all of them have some similarities with each other. So to stand out in this crowd, NXT Motors has launched an ebike with a few modifications and changes that somehow make it different than others. So how this newbie looks and performs, let’s find out.

Design And Build Quality:

The very first thing that makes it different from others is its design. Renard comes with an aerodynamic standard frame design that has a slanted crossbar for better comfort. Unlike most electric bicycles, it comes with printed looks alike graphics and branding. It comes in two color variants – Red and Yellow which look fantastic, actually it gives a premium vibe to it. The wires are well organized. All the wires whether mechanical or electrics are internally routed and because of this, the bike got a neat and clean look.

Apart from these, unlike most ebikes, the company smartly hides the controller under the bottom frame. The controller is completely hidden, and it can not be noticed until and unless you were told about it, which apparently makes the bike look different. The controller is made of metal and ip65 and ip67 rated. The company claims, there won’t be an issue even after submerging it into water. In addition, there is a mini mild steel mudguard is installed to protect it from dust and water.

Renard comes with an 18″ frame that is made of Chromoly steel. Although it is similar to mild steel, the strength-to-weight ratio and flexibility are slightly better than this. Due to Chromoly steel, the welding is good and got a good finish too. The total weight of the bike is 22.5kg including the battery and it can bear around 150kg of payload.

Motor And Speed:

The bike runs on a 250w BLDC rear hub motor and it’s a 36v motor that generates up to 45nm torque. As per government norms, the top speed of the bike is 25kmph but this can be unlocked and one can achieve more than 30kmph of speed.

Battery And Range:

Renard comes with a 10.4Ah Lithium-ion battery by Samsung. It’s a highly efficient battery and gives around 2000 charging cycles as claimed. The replacement cost of the battery is ₹.10000/-. Bigger battery options are also available in form of 15Ah and 20Ah, and also the company has recently introduced a 5Ah option for those who have fewer requirements.

For charging, there is a default 3A charger you will get, but with bigger battery options, 7A fast charger will be provided. The quality of the charger is also good, it comes with aluminum heat sync inside-outside, and has an auto power cut-off sensor to protect it from overcharging.

The default battery gets juiced up in 2.5 – 3 hours and on a single charge on throttle mode, as per company claim, this will give you approximately 40 – 50km of riding range. Whereas, on pedal assist mode the true range you will get with this bike is 60km – 70km on a single charge. Please note, that the actual range may vary for every individual due to body weight, road condition, level of assistance, and acceleration.

Pedal Assist And Riding Mode:

By default, the bike comes with 5 levels of assistance with 12 magnets sensors, but there is a provision to level up the assistance up to 9 levels. The new PAS system has enough speed to climb easily on the hilly roads, you can easily ride this bike at 30kmph+ speed. The bike also comes with walk and cruise modes.

Wheels And Suspension:

Renard has 27.5″ wheels combined with double-walled alloy rims. There are 2.1″ MTB tires by Ralson that perform well on most terrains. The tires are well-treaded and wide enough to provide stability on most of terrains. Well for a smoother riding experience, it comes with a 100mm front fork suspension with lockout and preload adjuster by Zoom. The suspension performs excellently on rough roads and off-roading performance is also good on this bike.

Gear System And Brakes:

The bike comes with a 7-speed SkilFul gears system and that helps to ride the bike easily with less effort even in case of power loss. For the braking system, it has 160mm made-in-India dual mechanical disc brakes by Sprandom 501 that also have an auto safety cut-off feature. That means when applying the brakes, it cuts off the motor from surging ahead.

Additional Features:

Additionally, the bike sports a horn, a pair of mudguards, and a headlight. Apart from this the bike also has an ignition key to start the bike. So without permission, no one can access your bike in your absence. You will also get a small multifunction LCD display.

Price And Availability:

Based on battery variants, as of 23rd April 2022, the price is listed bellow

  • 5Ah Model: ₹34499/-
  • 10Ah Model: ₹37999/-
  • 15Ah Model: ₹41999/-
  • 20Ah Model: ₹47499/-

The same can be purchased from the company’s official website or just by sending details on WhatsApp at 9082940694/8454061884.

Warranty And Service:

With Renard, you will get 2 years of warranty on the battery and charger, whereas, on the motor, you will get only 1 year and 4 years of warranty on the frame. For the service, you will get support over a phone call, and the company promises to fix your issue in 24 hours.


Renard is a beautifully build electric cycle that comes with almost all the basic features an ebike requires. The design and build quality are really good and the way they organized all the wires and hide the controller is appreciable. Besides, it has a powerful Samsung battery, 7 Speed gear system, 5 modes of riding, an electric horn, and most important the ignition key which is usually skipped by many companies. As a start-up company with the first model, they have done a good job. They also kept the price on customers’ reach. But the only thing that could be better is if they provide a derailleur guard and a better pair of mudguards. Other than these, this is a good-looking performance bike that can be considered.

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