June 1, 2023

Nuze S3 A New Electric Cycle Entered In The Indian Market, Features And Price

Nuze is a new electric cycle brand in India which parent company is Transworld Cycles PVT. LTD. The company recently has introduced 4 new models in Indian market under the Nuze brand. But in this article we will know more about one of its latest models the Nuze S3. The Nuze S3 is built conforming to stringent European Union standards which ensures the Bicycle performs optimally and gives you a safe and comfortable ride. Nuze S3 is an affordable bike that comes with few impressive features. So without further ado let’s jump into the specs and features of the bike.

Design And Build Quality:

S3 is a standard looking electric cycle that comes with minimalistic design and ergonomic frame structure. The primary red color with matte finish makes the bike look premium. The 18″ frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy which is strong and light, and even while riding it absorbs most of the vibration of the bike. The bike is comparatively light, it weighs only 20.5kg. The carrying capacity of the bike is 120kg.

Motor And Speed:

Nuze S3 comes with 36v/250w BLDC rear hub motor. The 250W Brushless DC Rear Hub Motor is perfect for sporty fitness and urban riding. It’s silent, powerful, light and has virtually no drag when the motor cuts out. Even it helps to climb hilly road without any effort. The maximum speed of the bike is 25kmph.

Battery And Its Range:

The bike is powered by a 7.8Ah removable battery that connects to the frame cleanly on the down tube. The battery comes with 800 – 1000 charging cycles that means it will last around 3 – 4 years. For charging, it takes around 4 – 6 hours to charge via a 2A charger. Once the battery get fully charged, it gives you around 25 – 30km of riding range on throttle mode, while by using its 3 levels of pedal assist sensor you can ride this bike around 35 – 50km.

Wheels And Suspension:

Nuze S3 comes with 27.5″ wheels and 2.1″ DSI tires. The tires are well treaded and suitable for all types of terrain. DSI is well known trusted name for a quality tires around the globe. The rims are crafted by double-wall alloy that helps to keep the bike sturdy and stable while in motion. It has a front fork suspension that provides 50mm travel. Althougth it can tackle small bumps but failed to perform on rough roads.

Gears And Brakes:

Nuze S3 is a multi-speed ebike that comes with a Shimano 7 speed Tourney gear system. The multi-gear system will help you to ride the bike manually even without giving much force to the legs. The 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes by Repute is powerful enough to stop the bike at 25kmph of speed. It responses quiqly and imidially cut the motor off when applies the brakes, as it comes with electric cut – off sensor.


The bike comes with an LED display, a headlight, a taillight, and a tring bell. The company also provide a set of tools for assembling the bike.

Price, Availability, And Warranty:

As on 20/10/2021 the price of the bike is 31999/-, and the same can be purchased from third part e-commerce site like Flipkart and CMB. The Nuze S3 is delivered in a Fully-Fitted Condition and comes with a 2 Year warranty on the Frame and a 1 Year Warranty on Electrical Components.


S3 is kind of electric bike that meets European union standard. It is minimal in design, comparatively lighter in nature due to its aluminium frame. It also comes with 7 speed gear system and high torque motor and together that help you to give a optimum performance. Only drawbacks I found are it has no security system, any one can start your bike and take away in your absent. In addition, the travel of the suspension is very less only 50mm. So off-roading will be a challenge with this bike, at least 80mm travel is expected. So these are the only drawbacks you need to compromise with, otherwise the overall performance of the bike is decent. The Nuze S3 is a fast and powerful e-bicycle that’s perfect for speedy workouts, long distance cruising or sporty transportation.

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