June 1, 2023

Maverick Electric Fat Bike By Toroid Technologies. Everything You Need To Know

Maverick is an all-new electric fat bike launched by Toroid. The bike is mainly designed for teenagers and adults. It comes with good performance, a bigger battery capacity, and a decent riding range. But does it really worth buying? Let’s find out.

Design And Build Quality:

Maverick is basically a Jaguar electric fat bike and comes with ergonomic design and an adjustable saddle that makes it so easy to ride the bike, it doesn’t matter whether you are short or tall, just adjust the seat as per your height and then you good to go. The appearance of the bike is also very appealing. The bike is available in two colors variant -the black and the vibrant orange.

The 16″ frame is made of mild steel which is a lighter form of steel and it is quite similar to aluminium in terms of weight. Including the battery, the total body weight of the bike is 30kgs and can bear the load with up to 150kgs.

Motor And Its Speed:

The Maverick runs on a 250w BLDC motor, which is a 36v motor and can generate up to 32nm of torque. Although the normal speed of the bike is 25kmph as per government norms, but still you can achieve a maximum speed of 35kmph. Even if you use the pedal-assist mode you can easily gain up to 50kmph of speed.

Battery And Its Range:

The bike is powered by a massive 36v/13Ah of Lithium-ion battery, which is a removable one and comes with up to 1000 life cycles. The bike is also available in 7.8Ah battery variant. The 13Ah battery takes up to 7 hours to charge via a 2 amp charger, and on a single charge, it gives you up to 50kms of riding range on pedal-assist mode, while on throttle mode this will give you around 25 – 35kms of riding range.

Whereas, with 7.8Ah battery on throttle mode you will get around 15 – 25kms of riding range, while on the pedal-assist mode this will give you up to 35kms of riding range.

Battery Replacement Cost For Each Ah:

  • 13Ah Battery: ₹14500
  • 7.8Ah Battery: ₹10500

Modes Of Operation:

There are 3 different ways to ride the bike and which includes

Manual Mode: If you want to ride the bike for your fitness purpose then you can tune the bike on manual mode because this mode needs 100% human efforts which surely helps you to burn your calories while riding.

Throttle Mode: If you want an effortless riding experience even without getting sweat then you can ride the bike like a scooter on the throttle mode. 

Assist Mode: When you pedal twice Motor starts and gives you a push. Your pedal becomes the accelerator and you get a boost while Pedaling. So you can go farther and faster with Toroid Ebike. So when you desire slightly less of a challenge and more of a smooth ride, you can select among its 3 Levels of Pedal Assistance.

Wheels And Suspension:

The bike has 26″ wheels and steel rims and which are combined with 4″ wide MTB fat tires. For the suspension, there is a front fork telescopic suspension can be seen in the bike. It gives you a very smooth and jerk free ride on roads. You will experience a whole new experience of stability on this bike while on regular road or any kind of terrain.

Gears And Brakes:

Maverick ebike comes with 21 speed of Shimano gears which gives you multiple speed options for different road, load, and mood conditions. For the brakes, this bike has Dual Electric Disc Brakes. Electric Brakes are there to cut the power supply and Disc Brakes are there to stop your motion. So when you apply Electric Brakes, the controller cuts off the power supply from the battery. So first you cut the power and then you cut the speed.

Other Features:

With the bike you will get an ignition remote key which will help you to control the bike remotely like you can start the bike, lock/unlock the bike and even you can locate your bike remotely.

For the night safety, this bike comes with a high intensity headlamp and a horn for the honking. To make the bike theft-proof, there is a burglar alarm installed in the bike. So in case if anyone trying to do something wrong with your bike, it starts making annoying sound to let you know that something is happening wrong with your bike.

There is a speedometer can be seen on the handle bar of the bike which allow you to monitor the battery status and current speed of the bike.

Maverick is a fully waterproof ebike, and with this bike, a pair of mudguards will be provided free of cost. Additionally, all the electric components are connected through E-Bus cables which makes it so easy to troubleshoot the bike. Once you troubleshoot the issue you can easily remove the faulty components and can then send it to the company to fix it. Well in case if you are unable to troubleshoot the bike then on request the company executive will come to your doorstep to fix your bike.

For the warranty, you will get 1 year manufacturer warranty on all electric components.


Based on battery capacity, the company has launched the bike with two different price tag as follow

  • 13Ah Battery: ₹54000
  • 7.8Ah Battery: ₹50000


So overall the bike is really good in terms of performance. But the build quality could have been better if 6061 aluminum could be used, and I also feel that on throttle mode the range is not impressive. Considering the price range if the overall range could be increased by more 10 to 15 km it would be really good. Otherwise if I ignore these facts the bike won’t make you disappoint.


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