May 30, 2023

Mantis By Greenvolt Mobility, India’s No Challan Electric Bike Launched

Mantis By Greenvolt Mobility: An Indian electric bikes manufacturer the Greenvolt Mobility has recently introduced an electric motorcycle the Mantis. The company is claiming that it is India’s first electric motorcycle. So without further ado, let’s jump into the features and the specification of Mantis.

Mantis is an ARAI certified first electric motorcycle of India, but if you think that Revolt 450 is the first one, so here you need to the actual fact i.e. officially Mantis is India’s first electric motorbike because ARAI in June 2018 certified MANTIS as India’s first electric motorcycle exactly a year before revolt did. So it is Mantis, not Revolt to hold the tag of India’s first electric motorcycle.

Design And Build Quality:

Mantis has a very unique indigenous design, basically, the motorbike is a fusion of a bicycle and a motorcycle. Like a normal bicycle Mantis also comes with a single seated saddle. The orange color frame looks really attractive and giving the bike a vibrant classy look.

The frame itself crafted by high-quality mild steel which not only giving the bike a solid build quality but makes the bike lightweight as well and this is the reason Mantis is only 45kg weigh which is more than half of a normal motorcycle. The total load capacity of the bike is 100Kg.


Mantis runs on a 250w BLDC motor which is handcrafted in India and specially designed for this bike only. Unlike the other electric bikes in the market, in the Mantis, the 250w motor is mounted in the mid-frame. The motor is capable to generate a maximum of 25kmph speed as per the Govt. rules.

As the bike’s maximum speed is only 25kmph, so to ride the bike you don’t need any license nor registration. So there is no fear of traffic challan with this electric bike.


The bike is powered by a 48v/14.5Ah Li-ion battery which is mounted on the mid-frame. The battery is a removable one and can be charged from anywhere at your convenience. Charging the battery is pretty fast, it takes only 2 to 2.5 hours to charge fully.

For the mileage, on a single charge, you can ride the bike up to 50km. The good thing is, it consumes only 1 unit of electricity for the 50km range. That means you can ride 50km for just ₹5.

Mechanical Parts:

Mantis comes with an India made dual disc brakes system for better braking control on Indian roads. Whereas to control the speed it has a cruise controller on the handlebar and also has a digital dashboard to monitor the speed as well as the battery status.

For the wheels, it uses a motorbike specialized 20″ wheels. The bike also comes with a powerful LED headlamp and a taillamp to enjoy the riding even in the night.

Pricing And Availability:

The company as of now has launched the bike in 10 major cities of India with a price tag of ₹.31499. The pre-booking for the bike is going to be started from 5th of October on the company’s official website.

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