May 30, 2023
Light Speed Rush

LightSpeed Rush India’s Premium And High-performance Electric Mountain Bike

LightSpeed Rush is a premium looking high-performance electric bicycle that was launched by an Indian company the LIghtSpeed. The company is claiming that Rush will not only give you a high-performance but it also provides you premium components, such as battery, display, wheels, brakes, and suspension. But is it really a high-performance electric bike? Let’s check this out by having at the look on its features and specification.

Light Speed Rush Electric Bike

Design And Build Quality:

The design of the bike is quite simple, yet ergonomic. Even the color tone is also attractive as it is coated with a black and golden finish. The bike comes with an 18.5″ of frame size and the same is crafted by a 6061 series of aluminium which not only made the bike sturdy and tough but lightweight too. The total weight of the bike including battery is about 24kg.


To get electrical motion, the bike comes with a 250w of BLDC hub motor and which is a 36v motor. The motor can generate a maximum of 32nm of torque. Whereas the maximum speed of the bike is only 25kmph. To reach the maximum speed the bike takes about 10 seconds.

Battery And Riding Range:

The bike is powered by a 36v and 11.6Ah of lithium-ion battery and that is a removable battery. The overall lifecycles of the battery is about 800-1000 times, and the company claiming the battery will run as long as 4-5 years. Once the lifecycles get over then the replacement cost of the battery will be as follow:

Battery Replacement Cost For Each Ah:

  • 11.6Ah Battery: ₹12980
  • 7.8Ah Battery: ₹8200
  • 10.4Ah Battery: ₹11800

For charging, you will get a 3Amp charger with the bike and that will help you to charge the 11.6Ah battery in just 3.5 hours. Once the battery gets charged then per charge, the bike is able to go up to

  • 70-75km on Pedal-assist mode
  • 50-55km on Throttle mode

Modes Of Operation:

There are 3 different ways to ride the bike and which includes

Manual Mode: If you want to ride the bike for your fitness purpose then you can tune the bike on manual mode because this mode needs 100% human efforts which surely helps you to burn your calories while riding.

Throttle Mode: If you want an effortless riding experience even without getting sweat then you can ride the bike like a scooter on the throttle mode. 

Assist Mode: If you decided to have a long journey without any interruption then you can ride the bike on the assist mode because, for electric assistance. There are 12 PAS sensors are installed in the crank. The higher the PAS Level, the higher the assistance you will get from the motor. So when you desire slightly less of a challenge and more of a smooth ride, you can select among these 5 Levels of Pedal Assistance.

Wheels And Suspension:

The Rush electric bike comes with 26″ and 3 bladed mag wheels. The rims are crafted by double-wall alloy. There are nylon tires that also can be seen on the bike.

For the suspension, the bike comes with an 80mm front fork shock absorber that is able to absorb most of the jerk while off-roading.

Gears And Brakes:

The bike is powered by 7 speed of Shimano gears system and comes with dual electric disc brakes of Zoom. This is an electric disc brake and comes with an auto power cut-off feature.

Other Features:

Additionally, the bike comes with an LED headlight, a fully colorful dynamic display to see your bike’s data, such as the temperature of the motor, battery status, pedal-assist levels, and speed. The bike is ip65 rated so that you can enjoy the riding in rain.

Price And Availability:

The price of the bike is ₹55000, and by purchasing the bike, you will get 1 year of warranty on electrical components and accessories, and 2 years of warranty on the motor and other mechanical components. The bike can be purchased from the company’s official website only.

Upgradable Cost Of The Bike:

If you are not satisfied with the default specs and features then as per your need you can upgrade the bike and these upgrades will cost additionally as follow:

  • 21 Speed Gears: ₹2000
  • 13Ah Battery: ₹5500
  • Custom Paint: ₹4000
  • Helmet, Lock, Bell & Mudguards: ₹4000
  • Carrier: ₹1300
  • 5Amp Charger: ₹2000
  • Seat Suspension: ₹1300

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