May 30, 2023

Hero Lectro C8i Launched With Smart Features And RFID Keylock, Price, And Features

Hero Lectro C8i is one of the latest electric cycles in the Lectro family. The new C8i is the star bike of the series that comes with loaded features. It has Bluetooth connectivity, a bigger battery than its predecessor, a better security system, and there are more exciting features to explore. So let’s jump into the specs and features of the bike.

Design And Build Quaility:

The frame geometry of the new C8i is as same as other Lectro bikes of the same category. It also comes with two new colour options, pearlescent black and red. Both the colours are attractive and gives the bike an aesthetic look. The 18.5″ frame is made of 6061 aluminium alloy which is not only stronger but lighter in nature, and that is why the bike weighs only 19kg. The ideal payload of C8i is 100kg.

Motor, Torque, And Speed:

As far as the motor is concerned, the new C8i comes with the same 36v/250w BLDC rear hub motor as its predecessor. The motor is capable of generating up to 40nm of torque. The top speed of the bike is 25kmph as per government regulation.

Battery And Its Range:

In earlier models, the company used to provide a 5.8Ah battery pack, but now finally the company has increased its battery capacity to 6.36Ah on their recent models including C8i. This is a highly efficient battery made by Panasonic, and it lasts around 3 years with 800 to 1000 charging cycles. There is a new magnetic charging port can be seen on this new C8i, and that helps to prevent the entry of dust.

With a 2A standard charger, the battery takes 4 hours to charge and once it gets charged fully you can ride this bike around 20km – 25km on throttle mode. Whereas, on Pedelec mode this will give you a range of 30km – 35km.

PAS And Riding Modes:

C8i comes with 12 magnets PAS, and has 3 levels of assistance that can be controlled with an analogue LED display. The company is also providing a silicon protective case for this LED display to prevent dust and rain. As for the riding modes, it has a total of 4 modes including throttle, pedelec, manual and walk mode. On the Pedelec mode, you will get a maximum of 90% assistance from the motor.

Wheels And Suspension:

C8i is equipped with 27.5″ wheels and combined with 1.85″ tires by Ralson. The tires are good in quality, and due to narrow property, It provides lower rolling resistance which results in you can ride the bike fast on a flat surface. The bike comes with a front fork suspension that has a travel of 80mm, and for city commuting, 80mm travel is not bad though, it can easily tackle bumpy roads and potholes.

Gears And Brakes:

C8i is a 7-speed geared electric cycle that comes with an SRide or Tourney rear derailleur based on availability. The shifting of gears on this bike is really smooth and quick. The bike comes with 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes by Clarks or JAK based on availability. The stopping power of the brakes is great and performs well even on wet surfaces. But sadly these are not ebrakes, which means there is no electric cut-off system in this bike.

Additional Features:

Additionally, the bike comes with a headlight, a solar power-operated taillight, an RFID lock for security, and Bluetooth connectivity like smart features that helps to monitor your riding data on your smartphone. To avail the smart feature, you need to download the Hero Lectro app from the app store(Android/iOS).

Price And Availabilty:

The C8i is priced at ₹35999, and the same can be bought from Hero Lectro stores, or on third-party eCommerce sites like Blive Store. All the electric equipment comes under 2 years of warranty, but to avail of the warranty, you need to register the bike on the company’s official website.

Verdict, The Final Thoughts:

The specs and features of the new Lectro C8i are quite impressive. The bike looks stylish and aesthetic, it is comparatively lighter and stronger, it has great build quality, comes with 80mm suspension, 7-speed gear system, RFID security system and moreover, it’s a smart Bluetooth connected bike. So it comes with almost all the basic features which an ebike should have. But still, you need to compromise with few features if you consider the new C8i. Considering the price range, the range is not satisfying at all, on Pedelec it gives around 35km of riding range and which I believe is very less. Secondly, it has no ebrakes, for the safety reason, ebrakes on electric cycle is a crucial feature. But sadly most of the bikes of Hero Lectro don’t come with an electric braking system. Other than this, charging the bike is very slow, it takes almost 4 hours to charge. So this could be much better if the company provided a 3A charger. So these are the things you may need to compromise with, otherwise, for city commuting, fun riding, or for office goers this can be an ideal choice to consider. So if your daily commute is limited to 30km – 35km, and if you are a brand conscious then you should definitely consider this electric cycle.

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