May 30, 2023

Hero Lectro C5X With Detachable Battery Finally Launched, Price And Features

Hero Lectro C5x is an all-new member of its Lectro family finally launched. Hero’s 99% ebikes come with concealed battery pack, which is very inconvenient to charge. So to rectify this problem, the company has introduced the C5X with a detachable battery pack. So what else the company offers with this bike, let’s check this out.

Design And Build Quality:

C5x is an electric mountain bike with a sleek and sporty MTB frame design. The geometry of the bike is designed for rough terrains. Even the all-new paint job with a matte finish and printed graphics make this bike looks premium. There are two color options to choose from- Red and Green with a black combination. The bike has an 18″ frame made of 6061 aluminum alloy. The frame is sturdy and light in nature. It weighs around 22.4 kgs with a loading capacity of up to 100kg.

Motor And Its Torque:

C5x runs on a 36v/250w BLDC rear hub motor. The motor is capable of generating up to 40nm of torque and that ensures a good pickup mostly on steep. The top speed of the bike is 25kmph as per government regulations.

Battery And Its Range:

The new C5X is powered by a detachable 5.8Ah portable battery pack. This is a highly efficient battery made by Panasonic. With a 2A standard charger, the battery takes 4 hours to charge and once it gets charged fully you can ride this bike around 18km – 25km on throttle mode. Whereas, on Pedelec mode this will give you a range of 30km as per the company’s claim. Please note, that the actual riding range may vary for every individual due to body weight, road condition, level of assistance, and acceleration.

PAS And Riding Modes:

C5X comes with 12 magnets PAS and has 3 levels of assistance that can be controlled with an analog LED display. The company is also providing a silicon protective case for this LED display to prevent dust and rain. As for the riding modes, it has a total of 4 modes including throttle, pedelec, manual, and walk mode. On the Pedelec mode, you will get a maximum of 90% assistance from the motor.

Wheels And Suspension:

C5X comes with 27.5″ wheels and combined with 2.1″ MTB tires. The tires are good in quality, and suitable for off-roading purposes. The bike comes with a front fork suspension by ZOOM that has a travel of 80mm.

Gears And Brakes:

Hero Lectro C5X is a single-speed electric cycle. The bike comes with 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes by Promax. The stopping power of the brakes is great and performs well even on wet surfaces. But the good thing is, that these are electric brakes, which means it comes with an electric cut-off system. So when applying the brakes, it immediately cuts off the motor from accidentally surging ahead.

Additional Features:

Additionally, the bike comes with a headlight.

Price And Availabilty:

The C5X is priced at ₹38999, and the same can be bought from the company’s official website or your nearest Hero Lectro stores. All the electric equipment comes under 2 years of warranty, but to avail of the warranty, you need to register the bike on the company’s official website.

Verdict, The Final Thoughts:

The new Hero Lectro C5X is a good ebike in terms of quality and performance, and the best is, unlike other Lectro ebikes, it comes with a portable battery pack. But as per the pricing, the battery capacity can be increased, and even 7-speed gears should be provided. Other than this, if you are looking for a Lectro ebike with a detachable battery pack under 40k, and if your daily commute limit is under 30km then you can surely consider this bike.

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