June 1, 2023

Hero Cycles Introduced Its First Cargo Electric Bike WINN, Features, Price

Hero Lectro Winn, a cargo electric utility bike that was recently introduced by Hero Cycles. Winn is the first utility bike of the company to have intelligence sensor control. The bike is designed to enhance income opportunities. With the long trail and front carrier, you will get extra space to carry goods without any effort.

Design And Build Quality:

Utility bike is mainly used for business purposes and the same goes with the Hero Lectro Winn. It has been designed in that way so that it enhances income opportunities by doing things like cargo transport and grocery delivery in an eco-friendly way. Its purpose build frame design allows maximum weight carrying and storage capacity without losing balance. The front and back carrier can carry up to 70kg and 180 liters of load which is much higher than any other two-wheelers.

The 6061 aluminum frame makes the bike durable, sturdy and light-weight. Even the light weight alloy frame helps to reducing unladen vehicle weight enhancing battery and motor performance.


The bike runs on a 250w BLDC hub motor and able to generate up to 42nm torque. There is an anti-theft feature that allows to lock/unlock the motor with a key for a security reason. The maximum speed you will get from the bike is 25kmph.

Battery And Its Range:

The motor is powered by a 12.72Ah lithium-ion battery pack and it’s a removable battery so that you can charge it wherever you want, no need to take the bike to the plugging point. The battery takes 4 hours to charge 60% and almost 7 hours to get 100%.

On throttle mode, the bike can go up to 45km on a single charge, while with the help of a pedal-assist it can be ridden up to 60km. There are 3 levels of assistance such as low-mid-high to choose from as per your need.


The bike has 24″ wheels and combined with nylon tires for better grip and stability.

Suspension And Gears:

The bike has no dedicated suspension, it has alloy rigid fork. Winn cargo is a single speed electric utility bike.


Hero Lectro Winn comes with two different types of braking systems. At the front, there is a mechanical disc brake from Sypo, while at the rear it has a drum brake for providing efficient and improved braking control.

The bike comes with a pair of full fenders and a center stand which stay stable while parking and even while carrying heavy load.

Price And Availability:

The bike is yet to be launched officially. But still it is available in Delhi with a price tag of ₹45000/-

Where To Buy:

If you are from Delhi then you can visit the below store to purchase the bike:

SS Overseas Hero Cycle Sales Point; Address 559, P.P. Ganj Road, Gandhi Nagar, Jheel Khurenja, Shahdara, New Delhi, Delhi 110031, Contact Number: 9810070607.

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