May 30, 2023

Heileo M200 A Powerful Electric Mountain Bike By Toutche

Heileo M200 is a powerful stylish looking mountain bike that has been manufactured by Toutche Electric Pvt Ltd which is known for manufacturing the best designs and quality bicycles. The bike is built for a flat, steep, or rough terrains. It makes city commuting, off-roading, and adventure riding incredibly easy and a lot more fun. But does it really offering so? Let’s find out.

Design And Build Quality:

The Heileo M200 is built and designed to international standards. The M20 is designed for not only off-roading but even you can enjoy city riding as well. As powerful as the bike is, its appearances are equally attractive and stylish because the placement of the battery and its design is quite ergonomic. This bike has been designed for the riders whose heights are between 5’6″ to 6′.5″.

17.5” inch Aluminium Alloy frame making it one of the lightest and best looking electric mountain bikes in the market. The bike weighs around 21Kgs and can easily bear the load with up to 125kgs.


M200 is equipped with an intelligent Controller and a 36v/250w Rear BLDC Hub motor. The motor can generate up to 15nm of torque. The bike is able to give you the best ride quality on flat, steep, and rough terrains. The bike has a top speed of 25kmph as per government norms.

Battery And Its Range:

The motor gets power from a 36v/11.6Ah of lithium-ion battery which is a detachable battery and comes with 500 life cycles. After the end of this life cycle, the new battery will cost you ₹21500( Ex- GST). The battery is a bit expensive due to the Samsung cells. It’s a custom made battery that seamlessly integrated with a custom made down tube, so that the battery can fit well and give the bike an elegant look. In addition to this, advanced BMS technology has been used to make the battery more efficient and because of all these, the cost is slightly higher.

The total charging time of this battery is about 3 hours and once get fully charged, with this bike, you will get a range of 80kms on assist mode. Whereas, on throttle mode, you will have 45kms of riding range.

Wheels And Suspension:

It has 26″ wheels and backed by double-walled alloy rims. Whereas for the off-roading, it has a front fork suspension with 100mm travel and it has a lockout feature too and the same can be tuned as per the road conditions.

Gears And Brakes:

Heileo M200 comes with 6 speed gear system of Shimano and dual mechanical disc brakes of JAK with auto power cut-off.


The company has launched the bike with the price tag of ₹57800.


On buying this bike, you will get 18 months of warranty on the battery, motor, and controller, while on the frame you will be given a warranty of 2 years, and on the paint and decals, you will get only 1-year warranty.


In case of any malfunction, a doorstep service will be provided. But the facility is currently available only in 18 major cities of India, but the good thing is that the company is now expanding its service to other cities as well.


In my opinion, the M200 is the best-looking electric bike in terms of design and build quality. The ergonomic custom-made battery and frame look really elegant and premium. Even the performance of the bike is really impressive, but the only thing that made me disappoint is, it seems slightly overpriced

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