June 1, 2023

Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Bicycles Are Revealed At EICMA 2019, Milan

Harley – Davidson is basically known for its premium motorcycles,
but as the entire world is focusing on electric bicycles, so to not to be the last competitor in this race, Harley – Davidson at a motorcycle show, EICMA 2019, Milan, has introduced 3 prototypes of its upcoming electric bicycles. Along with this, the company has also publically shared some live images so that you will get an idea that how the upcoming bikes of Harley – Davidson will be looked like.

At the EICMA 2019 show, H – D has introduced a total of 3 electric bicycles. As these bicycles are now only a prototype so the company didn’t reveal any specs or features of the bikes publically.

But by looking at these images below we can figure out some specs and features somehow. Like looking at this below image, we can say that the bikes have hydraulic disc brakes. From a source, we came to know that this is not an ordinary disc brake, rather it is a massive 203mm rotor high-end hydraulic disc brakes which are mostly seen in high-end mountain bikes.

If we talk about its battery and motor, so the images clearly tell us that the bikes have a mid-drive motor which is connected through a belt drive with the rear wheel.

And for the battery, so it is also installed in the same chamber where the motor installed, and it is been saying that it is a removable battery that comes with fast charging support.

If we talk about its overall looks, then all these three bikes made with very scrupulously, the design is so neat and clean and looks so premium when seeing these. These bikes have a very polished premium look and no doubt these bikes will definitely grab your attention when looking at these.

As of now, the company hasn’t decided any names for these bikes
because before going to production in 2020, the company wants to evaluate the market opportunities and also wants to finalize the design details, and once the design gets finalized, the company will then decide a specific name for each bike.

For the pricing, so as of now, the company didn’t reveal any pricing details but you can imagine its price just by its brand name. Well, when we try to spit out the pricing details from an H-D dealer So according to him, the price would be $2500 USD – $5000 USD which is roughly ₹1.78 Lakh – ₹3.58 Lakh for these premium electric bikes.

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