June 1, 2023

Fury 518 An Electric Assist Fat Bike Designed To Conquer All Terrain

Fury 518 is an electric-assist fat bike that is manufactured by an Indian EV manufacturer the LightSpeed. The fat bike is so lighter than it looks and stronger than it seems, a true blue mean machine designed to conquer every terrain it treads.


Fury 518 is basically an all-terrain electric assist fat bike, and that’s why which the company didn’t compromise on build quality. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy which makes the bike not only tough and sturdy but lightweight as well. The overall weight of the bike is about 27kg which is similar to a standard electric bicycle.


The Fury 518 runs on a 250w BLDC hub motor, though it is a standard 250w motor still it gives you a powerful performance. Because this motor can able to generate a maximum 45nm torque, which means more pulling power from the motor than a 32nm torque. So more the pulling power more easy to climb on steep. Even from a rough road to a sandy road this fat bike can conquer every terrain it treads.

Battery And Range:

The fat bike is powered by a massive 36v/13Ah Lithium-ion battery. The battery is a detachable one and mounted on the lower frame of the bike. The total charging time of the battery is about 4.5 hours to a maximum of 5hours and on a single charge, it gives you the range a maximum of 45km.

Pedal Assist Mode:

Fury 518 comes with 5 levels of pedal assist mode and to get maximum assist out of it, there are 12 PAS sensors are installed in the crank. The higher the PAS Level, higher the assistance you will get from the motor. So when you desire slightly less of a challenge and more of a smooth ride, you can select among these 5 Levels of Pedal Assistance.

At Levels 1 and 2, you put in more effort while the motor assists you just a little bit. At Level 3, you share the effort of pedaling with the motor; and at Levels 4 and 5, the motor puts in most of the effort while you only exert yourself a little. What’s more, you can keep switching between levels with the simple touch of a button on the Multi-feature Dynamic Display. The display even can show you the battery status, speed and the distance you have covered.

Wheels And Suspension:

As this is a fat bike so it is obvious to see fat tires in the bike, and for this, the bike comes with an extra grip 26 x 4″ mtb fat tires which are not only great for Indian roads but can even perform better on a sandy road or a rough road.

For the suspension, the bike uses a 100mm high-performance front fork suspension for a smooth and jerk-free riding experience.

Gears And Brakes:

The LightSpeed Fury 518 has 21 Speed Shimano Gears. This makes it even more interesting to ride a bicycle with super fat tires. When you’re in the mood for an exhausting workout session, you can adjust the gear settings to echo the level of challenge you desire and can burn calories on the go.

Fury 518 comes with dual electric disc-brakes; when you apply the brakes all electronic supply is instantaneously cut-off. You can enjoy the rush of power while also being sensitive to fellow pedestrians and stray animals. The instant power cut-off also helps you brake just in time to avoid potholes.

Other Features:

Additionally, for the night safety, it has an LED headlamp on the front and for the instant pick-up, it uses a full twist throttle. All the electronics parts used in the bike are IP65 certified.

Price And Availability:

Due to a high-performance motor and a massive 13Ah battery, the bike is a bit expensive with ₹56999 which can be purchased from Amazon India or from the company’s official website.

The company also provides no-cost EMI with secure ZestMoney with a minimum down payment of ₹ 4750. You can also avail Theft and Accidental Insurance by Perilwise for 1 year for at just ₹1499.

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