May 30, 2023

FUELL Fluid 1 And Fluid 1s The Most Powerful Electric Bike

FUELL Fluid 1s: Harley-Davidson’s former engineer Erik Buell’s bikes manufacturing company Fuell has introduced two premium electric bikes Fluid 1 And Fluid 1s. So let’s have a look at the specs and the features of these two electric bikes:

Fluid 1 and Fluid 1s is a premium electric bikes which are specially designed for urban roads. Both the models come with two 500Wh lithium battery which means the bike generates a total of 1kWh of power for the 250W motor of Fluid 1 and 500W motor of Fluid 1s which is mounted in the rear wheel of the bikes.

Fluid 1 gives you the maximum speed of 32kmph, while the Fluid 1s has the maximum speed of 45kmph and on a single charge both the bikes give you up to 200km riding range. The bike also comes with a 4 Amp Fast Charger which promises to charge the bike 80% in 2.5 hrs and 100% in 5 hrs.

Unlike a normal conventional bike, Fluid bikes come with a carbon belt drive instead of a normal chain drive, which generates 100nm torque power for extra pulling power for the bikes.

Both the bikes sport dual hydraulic disk brakes and 8-speed internal hub gears. Besides, the bikes have a smart LCD panel that can be paired with your smartphone to sync riding data. The bikes also come with a front fork suspension for a smooth and seamless riding experience. Both the bikes have an LED headlamp, which gives you the freedom of riding at night.

The company has launched the bikes currently in the USA market with the starting price of $3295 (₹2.27 Lakh) and soon will be available for booking, but the shipping will be starting most probably at end of this year.

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