June 1, 2023

Emotorad EMX A Full Suspension Electric Cycle, Features, And Price

Emotorad EMX: EMX is a dual suspension electric cycle that was recently introduced by Emotorad. Emotorad is a Pune based company who manufactures premium quality electric bicycle in India. EMX is a rebranded version of MoovWay which was launched last year. In this new version the company has made some changes and improved some features of the bike for better performance. So what exactly changes they have made and how the bike performs overall, lets find it out.

Design And Build Quality:

The geometrical design of the new EMX is as same as MoovWay, there are no changes have made. The bike has slanted crossbar and comes with split frame design. EMX has the same color combination where the primary color is glossy black and the secondary one is the yellow for highlight. Also EMX brand can be seen on the crossbar. The overall color combination is good and appealing and easily grab peoples attention on the road.

The 17″ split frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy and because of this the bike is comparatively lightweight in nature. It weighs only 21kg and this weight won’t be felt during manual riding as the design and build quality of the bike is great. The seat is very comfortable and gives the rider an excellent riding posture.

Motor And Speed:

Unlike MoovWay, the new EMX comes with a powerful 250w BLDC rear hub motor by Bafang. Bafang is a renowned company and produces highly efficient components for electric bicycles. The maximum torque generates by the motor is 45nm and takes only 3 seconds to reach maximum speed. The torque is really good in the bike and helps riders to climb steep easily. Just like the MoovWay, EMX also comes with speed unlocked, so with EMX, it is possible to ride the bike at 30 – 35kmph of speed.

Battery And Range:

There is no changes has made on the battery department. EMX comes with the same 10.4Ah Lithium-ion battery by Samsung. It’s a highly efficient battery and gives 900 – 1000 charging cycles to its life. The replacement cost of the battery is ₹.15000/-. Although EMX has the same battery pack, but the charger you will get is a bit faster with 2.5A instead of a 2A standard one.

The battery get juiced up in 3 – 3.5 hours and on a single charge on throttle mode, this will give you an approximately 40km of riding range. Whereas, on pedal assist mode the true range you will get with this bike is 60km – 70km on a single charge.

Riding Modes:

There are 5 ways to ride this bike, such as

  1. Manual mode with 100% manpower
  2. Assist mode with 5 levels of assistance (12 magnets PAS)
  3. Throttle mode with up to 35kmph of speed
  4. Cruise mode with up to 30kmph of speed, and
  5. Walk mode with up to 6kmph of speed.

Wheels And Suspension:

The new EMX comes with a pair of CST JACK RABBIT 27.5” x 1.95” MTB tires. The tires are great in terms of quality and perform well on most of the terrains. 1.95” tires are great for a faster-rolling resistance and able to provide adequate traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

The main highlighted feature of the bike is the suspension system. EMX is a full suspension electric cycle, in the rear, there is a mono-shock absorber that helps to reduce rear jerks, and keeps the rear wheel connected more stably, and allowing better traction during climbs. Whereas, in the front, it has a 100mm suspension by Suntour(XCT) which is a premium quality suspension that absorbs shocks during such rough patches and helps the rider maintain speed and gain control.

Gears And Brakes:

EMX has 21-speed gears system backed by a Tourney derailleur. The 21-speed gears will give freedom to riders to tweak the speed as per the terrains’ condition. Even If you run out of battery in the middle of your journey then this multi-speed gears system will help you to reach your destination easily and effortlessly. Even it helps to climb steep very easily.

For the brakes, there are few changes can be seen on the new EMX. It has the same 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes but with better brake calipers. The company also brought an improved lever with extra grips for better gripping over fingers. The brakes have a sensor to cut off the motor when applied to prevent accidental risk.

Additionally, the bike comes with a better and brighter LED headlight, a rear reflector, a pair of mud guards, derailleur guard and an electric horn that integrated on the right handlebar.

Price And Availability:

The new EMX is priced at ₹.55000/- and the same can be purchased from the company’s official website or just by sending details on WhatsApp 8882434488. By purchasing the bike, you will get 1 year of warranty on the all-electric equipment and a lifetime on the frameset. For any assistance. there is a technical team available to assist you over the phone calls.


EMX is an excellent full suspension electric cycle. Both the suspensions on the bike performed really well and able to reduce most of the jerks while off-roading. Besides, it has a powerful Bafang motor, Samsung battery, 21 Speed gears system, 5 modes of riding, electric horn, and top of the notch are the design and build quality. Although it’s a premium bike, the sad thing is, there is no security system installed on the bike. So anyone can access the bike in your absence. Other than this considering the price, the gear system could have been better. So if you are looking for a good quality full suspension ebike then currently this is the best option to consider if only you are okay with the cons.

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