May 30, 2023

EDM Motors Introduced Its New Cheapest Updated Tvara Electric Cycle With Diwali Offer

New Tvara is a base model of EDM Motors that comes with loaded features. The last time when the company was launched this bike, it had a few drawbacks and the customers were not satisfied with its features. So Based on customers’ feedback, the company has made some changes to this bike and upgraded a few features to enhance its performance. Even the company is giving a big Diwali discount with free accessories. So let’s have a look at the changes and find out whether it performs better than the predecessor or not.

Design And Build Quality:

The New Tvara is the same bike that comes with the same frame design. But the appearance of the bike is much better than its predecessor. Last time the decals and paint job were failed to satisfy the customers. So this time they have improved the paint and decals. The primary matte black paint job with red decals for branding is truly eye-catching than before and never goes unnoticed.

The bike also comes with the same frame materials, the 17″ frame is made of mild steel that is solid and robust in nature. Even the bike is not heavy, it weighs only 22kg with a carrying capacity of up to 120kg.

Motor And Its Torque:

The company has also improved the motor’s power. Although it runs on a 36v/250w BLDC rear hub motor, but as in the previous model, the customers were getting only 32nm torque and that was not powerful enough, so which is why the company has boosted its motor’s power by up to 36nm torque. Well, the bike has a top speed of 33kmph, but in general, you will get around 30kmph of speed.

Battery And Its Range:

There is no change has made on the battery section. It comes with the same default 7.5Ah Lithium-ion removable battery pack. But if you wish you can upgrade the default battery with 10Ah, 15Ah, and 18Ah, and these all are lithium batteries that provide up to 1000 charging cycles. Although the default battery pack comes with a 2A charger, 5A fast charger will be provided with the 15Ah and 18Ah variants. So based on battery capacity it takes 3 to 4 hours to charge. Once the battery gets charged fully then per charge as per battery capacity, the bike is able to go up to

  • 25-30km on Throttle Mode (with 7.5Ah Battery)
  • 40-50km on PAS Mode (with 7.5Ah Battery)
  • 45-50km on Throttle Mode (with 15Ah Battery)
  • 60-70km on PAS Mode (with 15Ah Battery)
  • 50-60km on Throttle Mode (with 18Ah Battery)
  • 80-100km on PAS Mode (with 18Ah Battery) on a flat road.
  • 70-80km on PAS Mode (with 18Ah Battery) in traffic condition.

Please note, the actual range may vary for every individual due to body weight, road condition, level of assistance, and acceleration.

Pedal Assist:

The previous model has only a single level of the pedal-assist, riders could not increase and decrease its levels. So that’s why the company has upgraded the single-level assist mode to a powerful 3 levels of assistance with 12 magnets sensor. The new PAS system has enough speed to climb easily on the hilly roads, even with the help of this pedal-assist you can easily ride this bike at 30kmph+ speed.

Wheels And Suspension:

The new Tvara 2.0 comes with the same wheels and tires. It has 26″ wheels combined with double-walled alloy rims. There are 2.35″ MTB tires by Wanda King that perform well on most terrains. Even it comes with the same 80mm front fork suspension and that is good for bumpy roads and potholes, even the off-roading performance is decent with this bike.

Gear System And Brakes:

Just like the old one, the new variant comes with a single-speed gear system. But if you wish you can add 7-speed gears by paying an extra Rs.2000/-. and that helps to ride the bike easily with less effort even in case of power loss. For the braking system, it has the same 160mm made-in-India dual mechanical disc brakes by Bolids that also have an auto safety cut-off feature. That means when applying the brakes, it cuts off the motor from surging ahead.

Additional Features:

Additionally like the previous one, the bike sports a horn, a pair of mudguards, a headlight. Apart from this the bike also has an ignition key to start the bike. So without permission, no one can access your bike in your absence. The company is also providing accessories like a tool kit, and a wired lock for additional safety. You will also get, a basic LCD display for the battery indication.


Based on battery variants, as of 1st Nov 2021, the price is listed bellow

  • 7.5Ah Model: ₹28000
  • 10Ah Model: ₹33000
  • 15Ah Model: ₹38000
  • 18Ah Model: ₹43000

The pre-booking has been started and you can book yours from the company’s website on EDM Motors for ₹4000 or you can even call or send WhatsApp messages for the same on +91 94611- 97126.

Diwali Offer:

The company is giving flat ₹2000 /- off with free accesories as a Diwali gift for those who pre – order the bike before 7th of November. But to avail the discount you need to use the promocode “INFODIWALI”.


With Tvara 2.0 you will get 2 years of warranty on the battery and motor, whereas, on the charger, you will get only 6 months of warranty.


So as per the claim, the company has really improved and upgraded its features, you can literally see some noticeable changes and that helps the bike performs much better than its predecessor. The all-new attractive paint job and decals, 3 levels PAS, 80mm suspension, ignition key, all-terrains Wanda King tires with double walled-alloy rims, headlight, horn, much better motor all these features you will get at only ₹28000. Even with the Diwali discount, you can own this new Tvara at just ₹26000. So this is truly a value-for-money ebike that you can consider.

Plant Goodness (An initiative by EDM Motors):

The company has taken an initiative of planting a tree with every order. Once an order is placed on the company’s website, they initiate the process of planting and linking your order with your sapling. Within a few days, along with the delivery of your products, they will also share the details of your plant by email. “Founder of Edm Motors Mr.Shekhar kashyap  and his team has decided that they will plant 5000 trees till December 31,2021.

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