May 30, 2023

Eco Bike Z1 India’s Cheapest Electric Bicycle Available At ₹16999

Eco Bike Z1 electric bicycle is currently India’s cheapest ebike available in the market. The bike is manufactured under the EV company Geekay Bikes. Besides manufacturing ebikes, this company also sells non-electric bikes and ebikes conversion kits at an affordable price, and this is why the Eco Bike Z1 is not only an affordable electric-assist bicycle but the cheapest ebike in India as of now with the price tag of ₹16999.


The overall design of the bike is sketched in Switzerland while the bike is manufactured in India only. If you look at the appearance of the bike it may look bulky due to its big battery size and the placement. But still, the overall look is not much different from a standard bicycle.

Build Quality:

The Eco bike comes with an 18″ of frame size which is made of high rigid steel, and due to steel frame, the bike is quite heavy in weight at about 20 – 22kg including battery and other components. The bike can bear with up to 100kg of a load. So that’s means a healthy person also can ride this bike.


The ebike runs on a 24v and 250w DC motor which is unlike the regular electric bike mounted on the outer side of the rear wheel. The motor can generate up to 22kmph of speed.

Battery And Range:

The bike is powered by a 24v and 12Ah acid battery which is installed under the seat post. The battery is a detachable battery and protected by an anti-theft metal box from the outside. The charging takes up to 5 hours from 0 to 100% and on a single charge, it can travel up to 40-50km.

Wheels And Suspension:

The overall dimension of the wheel is 26″ and comes with 2″ extra-wide Ralson tires. There are BCP finish steel rims that also can be seen in both wheels of the bike. As this bike is an affordable bike, so as expected it comes with single speed gear only, but luckily we can see a high-quality suspension at the front and that can make your off-roading enjoyable and jerk-free somehow.

Brakes And Other Features:

For the braking system, the bike comes with two different types of brakes, whereas at the front you can see a disc brake while at the rear there is a V brake only can be seen.

Additionally, the bike comes with an alloy grip throttle, a horn, and an LED headlight that comes with the DRL feature which means it is a day time running light specially built for safety reasons on a foggy road.

Price And Availability:

The Eco Bike comes with two models – the Eco Bike Z1 and the Eco Bike X1 which priced at respectively ₹16999 and ₹17999. The difference between these two bikes is that the Z1 comes with V brakes while the X1 comes with disc brakes and also there are some changes can be seen in the frame design.

The bike is available at the company’s official website or at authorized stores or even the same can be bought from Amazon India as well.

For any queries regarding this bike, please find the below contacts details:

Contact on : 9781519999 or 0161-462-7224
Email: [email protected]

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