May 30, 2023

5 Important Tips On How To Increase Riding Range And Battery Life Of An Electric Cycle

Riding an electric cycle is fun, but we don’t get as much as we expect from an electric cycle, and why this is? because often we treat our ebike like a normal cycle, but the way it should be ridden, maintain we actually don’t follow it or maybe we are not aware of the right techniques. So here are 5 tips and techniques that actually improve your riding range, battery life, and your ride quality.

Pre-riding Checklist:

Before starting the bike, check the wheel and handle alignment, check the firmness of the brakes, if not okay then fix it. Check whether the crank is loose or not and before installing the battery, check if is there any dust or moisture on the connector
if it is there then clean it properly and then install the battery on the bike.

And most importantly, check the tires pressure because the actual performance of the bike depends on tires to a large extent so always maintain the tires pressure in general, keep it between 30 – 40psi, or check the tires for the same as the PSI level often be mentioned on tires.

Right Way To Use Throttle & PAS:

If you want to ride for a longer duration on your electric cycle means if you want more range then you need to follow the 70:30 ratio, that means 70% you have to ride on PAS mode and 30% on the throttle mode, and trust me riding on PAS mode is more fun. But it doesn’t mean that you always ride the bike on the maximum level of pedal-assist. I recommend using level 3 most of the time and switch it between level 4 and 5 as per road conditions and if it is a level 3 bike, then you should use level 2 in a combination with level 3. Well, if your bike has gears, then you can even ride on level 1 easily. Well, in case of heavy traffic, or where there pedaling is challenging, then in such conditions, you should use the throttle for a stress-free ride.

How To Maintain Battery’s Health:

The main power source of an electric cycle is its battery. The better you maintain the battery better the battery health you will see and you will have an efficient performance for a longer period of time. So for the good health of the battery, you need to follow few things as follows…

First, never drain your battery completely try to juice up when 20 -30% battery is left and after get fully charged, as soon as possible, unplug the charger, and then after few minutes out for a ride don’t use the battery instantly after charging.

Secondly, avoid parking your bike in the blazing sun or don’t store the battery above 30°c of temperature. The battery may lose its efficiency. So always try to keep the battery in a dry cool place where the temperature is below the 30°c. Well, extremely low temperature will also damage the battery, so keep this in mind.

And thirdly, don’t directly wash your battery with water or if you are riding in rain, as soon you reach home, dry the battery properly. If you don’t do this, then the connector may get rusty and as a result, it fails to transfer electricity properly, you may experience less riding range. So these things should be followed with battery.

Right Time To Set Gears & Brakes:

For efficient riding, based on usage, time to time gears and brakes need to be tuned. Generally in electric bikes, after every 400-500km you should set the gears and brakes properly. Besides, the disc pads should also be checked if it is worn out or not. As a general rule, if there are about 1mm pads left then it means it’s time to replace the pads. One more thing, don’t change gears when you are in a static condition, it may damage the drivetrain. So keep this in mind too.

Right Time To Lubricate Chain:

The chain is a crucial part of your drivetrain. It impacts the gears, derailleur, and pedaling efficiency. So as smooth as the chain will be, it will be much fun to ride the bike and even effort will be less. So it is good to lubricate the chain timely. As a general rule, after every 200km, oiling should be done. But don’t use an excessive amount of lube. It will impact negatively on performance, use as much as needed. Well, professional riders do it almost daily, so if you feel the chain is too dry and failed to rotate properly, in that case, you need to lube the chain. So for optimum performance, lubricating is much important, never ignore this. Moreover, if you want more range, then while riding doesn’t carry unnecessary loads, carry only as much as needed.

So these are the five tips and techniques by using which, you can improve your riding range, battery’s health, and overall you will have experienced a quality ride.

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