June 1, 2023

29 Motors ELVER – A High-Quality Electric Mountain Bike Launched, Features, Price

29 Motors ELVER: After a long gap, 29 Motors finally came up with its new ebike ELVER. 29 Motors is an old player in the electric cycle segments. The company is mainly known for its unique frame design. But due to mixed reactions among the customers regarding the frame design, they finally launched the ELVER with a standard frame design. The new model has improved performance and comes with some quality components. So what else the company offers us with the new ELVER? Let’s find out.

Design And Build Quality:

ELVER is an electric mountain bike that comes with a standard frame geometry. The frame is painted with high-quality powder-coated paint, and that looks premium. Even the minimalistic branding and internal cable routing, also make the bike looks aesthetically appealing. The bike is available with two frame designs and color options – Red and Grey. The red one comes with a slanted straight crossbar, whereas the grey one has an aerodynamic frame design.

Power Drive:

ELVER runs on a 36v/250w BLDC hub motor that generates up to 42nm torque. Due to high torque, the bike has enough power to climb flyover easily. The bike’s top speed is 25kmph, but with the help of pedal assist, this can be increased up to 33kmph.

Battery And Its Range:

The new ELVER is powered by detachable 10Ah/12Ah and 15Ah portable battery options. This is a highly efficient battery made by Samsung. For charging, the company is providing a 5A fast charger with the bike. The 15Ah battery takes 3 – 3.5 hours to charge and once it gets charged fully, based on battery capacity, the company claims a minimum of 50km to a maximum of 80km of riding range with pedal assist. Please note, that the actual riding range may vary for every individual due to body weight, road condition, level of assistance, and acceleration.

PAS Mode:

Elver ebike comes with 5 levels of pedal assist mode and to get maximum assistance out of it, there are 12 PAS sensors are installed in the crank. The higher the PAS Level, the higher the assistance you will get from the motor. So when you desire slightly less of a challenge and more of a smooth ride, you can select among these 5 Levels of Pedal Assistance. The PAS levels can be changed with a backlit multi-function LCD display.  As for the riding modes, it has a total of 4 modes including throttle, pedelec, manual, and cruise mode. On the Pedelec mode, you will get a maximum of 90% assistance from the motor.

Wheels And Suspension:

ELVER is a 26″ ebike that is combined with 2.15″ high-quality Ralson tires. The tires are well-treaded and wide enough to provide stability on most terrains. Well for a smoother riding experience, it comes with a 120mm front fork suspension with lockout and preload adjuster. As the bike comes with a high-travel suspension and is equipped with a preload adjuster, the off-roading performance will be great in this bike. The bike is also available with a 27.5″ option.

Gears And Brakes:

ELVER comes with a 100% original 7-speed Shimano Altus gear system. The Altus gear system is much better than the Tourney gear in terms of performance. So when you’re in the mood for an exhausting workout session, you can adjust the gear settings to echo the level of challenge you desire and can burn calories on the go. Also, it helps to ride the bike easily with less effort even in case of power loss. The bike is also available with a 21-speed gear option.

The bike has 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes and these are electric brakes. So when you apply the brakes all-electric supplies instantaneously get cut off. The instant power cut-off also helps you brake just in time to avoid potholes. Moreover, these brakes are integrated with a taillight that is battery-operated. So when applying the brakes, the taillight gets lights up and warns the driver behind to be cautious of slowing the bike.

Additionally, the bike comes with an LED headlight, an electric horn, and an ignition key for basic security purposes.

Price And Availability:

Based on battery and gears, as of 12th Nov 2022, the price is listed bellow

  • 10Ah Model (Without Gears): ₹39,999/-
  • 10Ah Model (With Gears): ₹44,444/-
  • 120Ah Model (Without Gears): ₹41,999/-
  • 12Ah Model (With Gears): ₹46,999/-
  • 15Ah Model (Without Gears): ₹44,999/-
  • 15Ah Model (With Gears): ₹49,999/-

The same can be purchased from the company’s official website or just by sending details on WhatsApp at 9029064547/7715887016.


As per the company’s claim, on paper, the bike looks really promising. Aesthetically the bike looks stylish and sporty, the bike is fully alloy build, has a Samsung battery pack, 120mm suspension with lockout and preload adjuster, a 100% authentic Shimano Altus gear system, it has brakes integrated taillight, and a basic security ignition key lock system is also presented in this bike. So overall it’s a good quality ebike that has all the basic features an ebike should have. But at 50k, instead of a 15Ah battery pack, the company should be provided at least a 20Ah battery pack. Also, if the company used an internal controller then it could be much better.

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