May 30, 2023

29 Motors Cafe Racer Electric Cycles Launched. Features, Price

Cafe Racer By 29 Motors: Cafe Racer is a new electric fat bike of 29 motors. Two years back the company was first introduced its Cafe Racer model, but the new cafe racer is much better than its predecessor. The new Cafe Racer is a full suspension electric fat bike and comes with a new design and few upgraded features with some improvements. But does it really perform well? Let’s find it out.

Design And Build Quality:

The main attraction of this bike is its stylish design. The minimal-looking cafe racer design will definitely grab everyone’s attention on the road. The fuel tank-like battery placement and a long bench seat give this bike a retro look. The seat has enough space to carry two people at the same time. The frame is made of mild carbon steel, it is solid and sturdy and able to carry 150kg of load. The bike weighs 25kg.

Additionally, you can use this fat bike for cargo transport. On special request, the company will provide a cargo box with the bike.

Power Drive:

The new Cafe Racer runs on a 36v/250w BLDC hub motor that generates up to 40nm torque. Due to high torque, the bike has enough power to climb fly over easily. The top speed of the bike is 25kmph, but with the help of pedal assist, this can be increased up to 35kmph.

Battery And Its Range:

For power, there are two battery options to choose from, 10Ah and 15Ah, and these are Lithium Manganese Cobalt Oxide batteries aka NMC. This battery gives 2 times more charging cycles than a lithium-ion battery. It gives 2000 charging cycles. Well, with the 10Ah battery pack, you will get two options, either you can choose a 10Ah lithium-ion battery pack or can go with a Lithium Manganese Cobalt Oxide battery.

For charging, the company will provide a 2A charger that helps to charge these batteries in 3.5 to 5 hours. Once it gets charged, then on a single charge on throttle mode with the 10Ah battery, you can ride this bike around 30km – 40km and, with the 15Ah battery, this fat bike will give you around 40km – 50km range on throttle mode. Whereas, on PAS mode based on battery variant, you can ride this bike around 60km-70km. Note, the actual range may vary individually on various factors.

PAS Mode:

The Cafe Racer comes with 5 levels of pedal assist mode and to get maximum assist out of it, there are 12 PAS sensors are installed in the crank. The higher the PAS Level, the higher the assistance you will get from the motor. So when you desire slightly less of a challenge and more of a smooth ride, you can select among these 5 Levels of Pedal Assistance.

Wheels And Suspension:

The Cafe Racer has 26″ wheels and combined with 4″ heavy-duty fat tires by Compas that offer sufficient traction on the road and perform well on dirt and gravel trails.

The bike also has a regular tire variant that comes with identical features. The only differences are, the regular tire variant has a different frame design. Unlike the fat tire variant, on the regular one, the main controller is installed outside. There is no digital display on the regular one, instead, it has a basic battery indication display and it starts with an ignition key. The rest of the features are almost the same.

For the suspension, this time the company is providing a better dual suspension system. On the front, there is a 100mm telescopic suspension that provides better stability, whereas, on the rear, it has a dual shock absorber that comes with adjustable features. The shocker’s stiffness can be tuned as per your need for a better jerks-free riding experience.

Gears And Brakes:

The Cafe Racer comes with a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear system. This makes it even more interesting to ride a bicycle with super fat tires. When you’re in the mood for an exhausting workout session, you can adjust the gear settings to echo the level of challenge you desire and can burn calories on the go.

The bike has 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes and these are electric brakes. So when you apply the brakes all-electric supplies instantaneously get cut off. The instant power cut-off also helps you brake just in time to avoid potholes.

Additional Features:

Additionally, the bike comes with an LED headlight, an electric horn, and a digital multi-function display to monitor your riding data.


As for the pricing, the company has launched the e-bike, in 2 models with 8 different prices based on gears and battery power, and which pricing details are as follow:

Cafe Racer Regular Tires:

10Ah Verriant: ₹45,000/- (With Gear)
10Ah Verriant: ₹40,000/- (Without Gear)
15Ah Verriant: ₹50,000/- (With Gear)
15Ah Verriant: ₹45,000/- (With Gear)

Cafe Racer Fat Tires:

10Ah Verriant: ₹65,000/- (With Gear)
10Ah Verriant: ₹60,000/- (Without Gear)
15Ah Verriant: ₹70,000/- (With Gear)
15Ah Verriant: ₹65,000/- (With Gear)


The Cafe Racer look of the bike is really impressive, it is eye-catching and never goes unnoticed in public. The new cafe racer is much better than its predecessor and you can visually see lots of improvements. The dual suspension system is now improved, you can now tune the stiffness of the shocker as per need. Secondly, to give it a retro look they have installed a long bench seat like a motorcycle, so now a pillion ride will be possible with this new Cafe Racer. Even now you can use this bike for cargo transport because, on a special request, the company will provide a cargo box with additional charges.

But still, there are some features which should have been improved. The headlight is used on the bike is very small and doesn’t go with it. So being a Cafe Racer bike, if they were used a bigger vintage headlight then it could look much better. The external cable routing looks scruffy, I wish they had done a bit better wire management for this electric bike. There is no RFID lock or ignition security feature on this fat bike, although the regular tire variant comes with an ignition start key. So the fat model should also have come with such basic security features as an ignition start key. Other than this, considering the price range full metal fenders are must be there on the bike. So in terms of specs and features, it’s a bit overpriced. So if you are a fan of Cafe Racer and also like cycling then you can consider this bike.

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